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Revisiting 30 Things in 30 Years

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me :)

So, way back when (how has five years passed already???) I wrote a blog post about thirty things in thirty years, based off this idea.   I really haven't looked at it since then, but I though it might be interesting (to me anyways!) to find it and see which I've accomplished, which are still on the list, and if there are any I really don't care about any more...  So, here goes.  The original list along with my thoughts now :)

1 have something I write published - So nailed this one pretty much.  And I remember hesitating to put it on the list simply because I figured there was not a chance.  Ever.  But five years, two short stories and one novel later...  More in progress.  And basically the most exciting thing going on in my world these days.  I suppose the next step would be to have something that's published make X amount in royalties...  $1000 maybe?  $10000?  bahahaha this from the girl who has yet to pass $50 >;-P   Ambitious much?
It's real!  I still have trouble believing that!
2 earn PhD - I actually find I'm caring less about this one the farther away from academia I'm getting.  We'll say it's still on the list, but I wonder if it'll make the next cut...

3 run 5k Been there, done that.  And then some!
15K race :)   Part of me's actually considering doing it again.
We're ignoring that part >;-P
4 live, laugh, learn (this is only one thing really, not three, cause I intend to do them all together!) - still in progress, still on the list.

5 repay student loan - ummm yeah, about that *sigh*

6 get (and learn to use!) a serious camera Half way there.  I *have* a snazzy camera now, but still very much a beginner in the how to use it category!  I figure I like maybe 1 in 100 of the shots I take.  Not quite the ratio I'm looking for.

7 sleep (I'm going to need to after completing this list!) bahahaha

8 learn enough Latin to be able to read medieval texts - Failed :(  Booo.  I learned the basics, but not enough.  Still on the list cause I'm fairly fascinated by it, but on hold for now.  Only so much time in a day!

9 let go of past hurts - Pretty much done :)  I remember what this referred to and time solved...  But I suppose it's always an ongoing thing.  

10 make time for self - Getting *slightly* better at this.  Mostly thanks to Stephy helping out at the barn so often.  Not going to claim it's accomplished though since one of these days she's going to get a real job *g*

11 make time for friends (hmmm do these two conflict?) - Still really bad at this *sigh*  Getting slightly better though!

12 have serious relationship (definitely conflicts w/ above two!) - ummmm yeah.  Another horrible fail.  Would probably make for a good blog post if I wrote about that part of my life.  hahaha oh dear.  But less good for the whole marriage and serious relationship idea :(   Definitely still on the list.

13 compete intermediate level eventing - Not yet.  Very definitely still on the list.  Lexi maybe?  That's a long way away yet, but it's dreams like that that keep me going.
Okay Superpony - my hopes are on you.  Stay sound, healthy and brave!
14 learn to cook at least one meal I'd be proud to make for company Yeah no.  Not even sure I care any more.  Maybe that non-existent other half will cook? :)  If you're going to dream, dream big right?

15 expand my vocabulary - Meh.  Does that count?  :)  I like to think my writing's improving and with it my vocabulary, but not really sure how to quantify this one.

16 travel: visit Egypt, South Africa, Ireland (is that really 3 things???) - None of the above.  Booo :(  All still on the list.  And a few others :)

17 see the northern lights Not yet!  Still on the list.

18 change someone's life (preferably for the better!) I have no idea.  But it still sounds good :)

19 get a massage So Stephy and Paula gave me a gift certificate for this for my birthday last year.  Ummmm I have yet to go.  Oops.  Really want to, but apparently that whole "make time for self" thing isn't *that* complete yet.  I tried twice, but both times they were already booked.  Will go. Seriously.

20 buy some fashionable clothes (will need some help w/ this one!) Right -- sort of.  Mostly I just rely on Steph and Jen to dress me now.

21 ride Trans-Wales Trail - Haven't gone yet, can't wait to go, definitely still on the list.  Just hoping they don't decide to close down before I get there!

22 do something w/ genealogy notes - Nope.  Haven't even started.  Still on the list, but not for the next five years probably *g*

23 climb to the top of a Mayan pyramid - Not yet.  Still on the list.

24 go on a Canadian road trip w/ no predetermined destination Hasn't happened yet, but I *did* at least get to go to Banff.  Had so much fun there with Mum.

25 start riding school and make successful -- successful defined as self-supporting and me not having to work 7 days/wk unless I want to  - Okay so not *quite* there yet, but I like to think it's well on its way!  HUGE thanks to everybody who's helped this one come true.  Notice how far down on the list I stuck the one that should've been number one?  Put it in at the end because I didn't really think it could ever happen.  Figured the writing was a big enough scary goal to announce to the world; this one would be smuggled in.  But it's happening!  And it's amazing!
My logo and all my current schoolies :)
Thanks to Emily Martin for the image.
26 win my fair share of Trivial Pursuit at the cottage (damn pink category!) - Done and done!  But I still hate pink.

27 identify 100 things that make me happy (oh no, another list!) This list seems a lot less important somehow when I'm genuinely happy most of the time these days.  The superstitious side of me hesitates to write that; I keep waiting for it all to change.  But maybe that's when it's most important -- so that when it changes, the memory is there...  I'll leave the happy list on the goal list for now :)

28 parasail Still haven't done it; would still like to.

29 live my imagination Definitely done.  The only issue is, my imagination seems to know no bounds...

30 do something w/ my photos An odd way to finish...  I'm puzzled by this one as I don't really know what I meant, so have no idea if it's accomplished or not...  Does Facebook count?  :)   I print the ones I really like and save the others.

So yeah.  That's about it.  I'm really excited about where things are now, and how much I've accomplished.  But I'm even more excited about how much there is still left to do :)  Wish me luck!  Or better yet -- come along for the ride.


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