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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

All sorts of procrastinating right now, so figured - hey, why not write a blog post?  hahaha that counts as being productive, right?   Especially as I'm procrastinating writing -- a war's about to happen and somebody I like is going to die and it's all sorts of drama.  And really, I'm just not that into drama so...  Here I sit.

On the plus side -- the book that's actually *finished* is now available in print copies too!!!  WOOHOO! and both have it :)   Somehow getting it on the Canadian site is a challenge.  Sheesh.  Classic eh?  Kobo and Kindle versions too of course :)   Okay - plug done.  hahaha   I have to say, I've been absolutely amazed by the support I've gotten.  All sorts of people reading it (and enjoying! or so they tell me anyways *g*   Slight chance they're just being polite...) who I wouldn't have expected to.   Hugely appreciate it all!

My book with the slightly psychotic MC that I really wasn't sure about (ohhh fun blog post in the works about that one -- maybe on the weekend) -- that one I think I *will* publish, but probably under a different name.  hahaha because realistically, anybody who liked the first one and the one I'm writing now probably won't like this one.  And vice versa.  But we'll see :)   Current one, other than the scene I'm not writing right now, I'm quite enjoying and it's moving at crazy-fast speed.  Nanowrimo will never seem a challenge again!   All of this is a bit intense since show season is well under way AND Lexi is *sound* again!!!!  Woohoo!!!!  *knocking like crazy on all sorts of virtual wood*  So time is proving to be a little elusive.  But such is always the challenge of my life, and I mostly enjoy it.

Speaking of show season -- took five riders to Foxcroft last weekend (story on GRS blog) -- what a blast.  As some of you already know, that's where I grew up, which makes it oh so much more fun. I really enjoy going back to visit and seeing everybody again.  They even still have two of the horses from when I was there -- one of which was the first greenbean I ever worked with.   *PAUSE...  Minor break as procrastination enters a whole new level and I go hunt for a photo from then...*

bahahaha - look what I found!  Oh dear.
Yes she was a chestnut mare (who's surprised by this?)
And yes, I've always liked the long spot (same question!)
I would just like to note, I should get some sort of award for that procrastination effort.  That wasn't actually the photo I was looking for, but at least I found one of the right horse *g*   I also found every graduation from kindergarten on!  hahaha and a ton of photos ranging everywhere from tiny kid through high school and uni.  Basically my entire life until digital.  And oh so many of my friends from back then too :)  hahaha What fun I could have with those!

hahaha anyways - @ Foxcroft the girls and their horses were superstars!  All jumped double clear :)  Woohoo!!!  Four of the five came home with ribbons.  Not half bad since three of those were on their first show ever!  So yeah - all round it was a good day.

And tonight I taught Galloping 101 - which just might be my single all-time favourite lesson to teach.  Mostly because the excitement level of the students afterwards is hard to beat.  About the only thing that tops it is the first time they run XC in competition :)   And it helps that I have superstar ponies who know their jobs and are safe to gallop on as well as a nice big field to play in *g*   The perfect weather didn't hurt any either (sure I'll take credit for that.  Why not? :)   So yeah, pretty much on a high from that one.

And Lexi's supposed to go to Lucinda Green this weekend.  You know, the clinic I signed up for when I still had 10 weeks to get her ready.  And then she went off for five of them. And has been back for about four rides. *shaking head*.   Oh dear.  So it will definitely be an interesting experience!  My unbroke, unfit, almost 5-yo horse riding off property in a group situation over fences -- all for the first time ever!   No problem.  Maybe I'll wear a vest *g*

Get my new (to me) trailer tomorrow.  Yeah freedom!

And now, off to accomplish something.  True story.  Stop laughing.


I love writing it, not so much! ;-) I want an invite to the next gallop session, least to hang out with my pony. Hmm, maybe I'd better take her outside a bit more before then. :-D

(Good job on the procrastination, BTW...)


hahaha you're always welcome :) G would've loved it!


Give me a heads up for the next one! :-)


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