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GRS goes to Wits End

Kennedy and Athena warming up for XC
The weather was perfect for our adventure to Wits End today!   SO much fun!

With just two riders and times together it made for a super-easy day.   Kennedy's first HT ever, riding Athena.  And Olivia on Bella doing their second run.

Dressage was way off in the valley, but with the two of them riding back to back they were able to go down to the ring together so neither horse had a meltdown at being alone.  Both put in reasonable tests -- Kennedy's was a great example of brilliance (on the bit and forward) or disaster (inverted drunken giraffe) depending on the moment.  Hahaha I had a few of those tests myself with Athena last year *g*  Olivia's test was civilized, now we just need to finesse it a little more :)

After dressage we paused to walk stadium on the way back.  It was a decent course for PE and the girls seemed a little trepidatious about it -- especially Kennedy who's never actually jumped a full course before :)  But I trust my horses and the girls are ready, so I wasn't particularly concerned.  There were no real horse eating monsters on that course.
Olivia and Bella in stadium
Warm-up went well -- Kennedy was a little hesitant and as a result Athena a little lazy, but she woke her up in time.  Bella was, as per her usual Superpony self, raring to go :)   Olivia was in first and put in a great round.  She rode this one far more than at Glen Oro, sitting up before her fences and making sure to hold her lines and use all her space.  Was really happy to see that!   Kennedy racked up a few time faults with some extra trotting in the ring, but she put in a great round jumping clear and confidently.
Kennedy and Athena in stadium
XC walk revealed a fun and inviting course -- all the scary things from last year had been removed.
So, we go over there, then...
We did stop a few times so the girls could make really sure they knew where they were going, but overall it seemed like it should make for a good run.

Olivia and Bella on XC
And so it did :)  Both girls were clear and smiling by the end of it!  Ponies totally fit and no problems despite the warmer temps.  Overall a great day :)
Kennedy and Athena on XC
And in the end -- both came home with ribbons!  Olivia was 3rd and Kennedy 4th.  It's taken all of two shows for Liv to qualify for champs.  Awesome job kiddo!
Taking care of Athena afterwards...


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