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Mini Dressage Clinic

So one of the advantages to being a working student here, is you occasionally get opportunities that aren't necessarily open to the rest of the school.   Today was one of those days.  Mary Ambrose came to do a mini-clinic, but we had space for only four riders.  I claimed one, and opened the other spots to my working students on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The clinic filled in under a minute *g*  

Our last clinic with Mary was on one of the coldest days of the year; makes perfect sense that we'd balance that out having this one on the hottest day!  Sheesh.

First up today was Steph on Dixie -- this pair has come a LONG way in the last couple months and today really helped solidify that.  Saw some amazing canter work happening :)   Then I rode Lexi, which might've been a bit of a mistake *sigh*   Lex isn't quite mentally ready for dressage yet.  hahaha we'll try again in six months or so :)  
Amy on Willow
Next up was Amy on Willow.  This is a new partnership, since Jack's been off lately, and the clinic really helped her to find Willow's buttons and get some great movement from her!

Last rider of the day was Kennedy on Athena -- these two have been on the edge of putting all the pieces together and today brought them that much closer.  They had some of the best trot work I've seen them do yet.  Woohoo!
Kennedy on Athena
So yeah - awesome job ladies!  Esp to Steph and Kennedy who then went on to do their normal evening lesson as well!  Super dedication there!   And, as always, a huge thanks to Mary for another great day!


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