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Staying motivated in February

So since I've been feeling the February blahs, despite a few good rides, I decided to see how other people keep going and posted on the GRS FB page: "A true athlete is made in the off-season training while everybody else is comfortable at home. When you get to the barn alone in the cold and the dark and have to force yourself to tack up. Only to get on and have that amazing ride. It's at that moment that you realize nothing will get in the way of your dream.

How do you stay motivated through the February blahs?"

Just thought it was interesting -- well except for Jael, she's just evil ;-P   Notice there was not a single case of "I ride in February because it's fun".  And of those who do choose to keep working during the winter, the vast majority do so for competitive goals.  Admittedly a very unscientific study, but still thought it was sort of interesting.  We're an odd breed us horse-people.


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