Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Forever grateful the powers that be decided to make February shorter than all the other months...

So Monday I was going to ride Lexi and R was just finishing up with her horse as we entered the arena.  Instantly *all* of Lexi's attention was on the other horse -- as if I weren't even there...    Ummmm ok.  So decide the lunge line might be a good idea.  She's power booking it around the circle, trying to keep her head turned toward the other horse the whole time.  hahhaa pretty funny.  But she was at least listening -- I could pick the gait for her to be in - it was just always on speed.

They left shortly thereafter and I decided to keep lunging for a bit since Lexi was fairly certain the world would end without her there anymore.  But we got some good lunge work so even though I only had about 15 mins left before I had to get ready to teach, I hopped on.

And she was So. Much. Fun!  Hahaha that forward carried over under saddle.   It was a little giraffe-on-crack-ish admittedly, but still super fun.  And the first time she's ever actually been really forward.  So I was pretty excited about htat.

Then the next day I got on her and she was definitely feeling the games from the day before a little, but she was still forward!  Woohoo.   We even jumped a few "jumps" hahha of the not-qutite-2' could-actually-walk-over-them variety that will someday be nothing but for today was exciting :)

So since both excellent rides followed extensive inner-lecturing to get me on the horse in the first place, I decided to see how other people keep going and posted on the GRS FB page: "A true athlete is made in the off-season training while everybody else is comfortable at home. When you get to the barn alone in the cold and the dark and have to force yourself to tack up. Only to get on and have that amazing ride. It's at that moment that you realize nothing will get in the way of your dream.

How do you stay motivated through the February blahs?"

Just thought it was interesting -- well except for Jael, she's just evil >;-P   Notice there was not a single case of "I ride in February because it's fun".  And of those who do choose to keep working during the winter, the vast majority do so for competitive goals.  Admittedly a very unscientific study, but still thought it was sort of interesting.  We're an odd breed us horse-people.

So speaking of avoiding work, today I had a whole list of things to do but then realized it's the last day in Feb I have for my new year's "1 day/month" of nothingness so enjoyed a day of no real commitments.  The only errand I couldn't get out of I combined with getting junk food for lunch so all good :)  hahaha So I deem 1/6 of my yearlong goal accomplished *g*   Spent part of the day doing organizational type stuff and all the rest veged in front of the fire with a book :)   Pretty decent day all-round.

Now...  To write a FridayFlash...  hmmmmm  Could happen :)  But I think not tonight...


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