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Music silliness

*Such* a good ride today :)  My little pony was a superstar -- even connected at the canter a bit.  Woohoo!  And the trot afterwards was absolutely amazing.  hahaha yeah!  Short ride -- when everything is lovely with a baby horse, it's a good time to stop *g*  But fabulous.

So the show last weekend was a blast :)   Check out the GRS blog for details.  So much fun!

Was entertained the other day -- listening to the radio as I was doing stalls and Dad had his ipod on.  Radio was tuned to current top 20 type pop and ipod to 60s music.  And for whatever reason my brain, instead of focusing on one station, chose to merge the two.  And with the choruses of both I ended up hearing "I don't want to kiss goodnight...  I want candy!"  Frig.  I used to sort of like that first song in a mindless fashion, but now I just can't take it seriously because I *always* hear the other one interfering with the chorus *g*   I really wish I had any audio editing software so I could snip those together and the song could be forever corrupted for you too, but since I don't . . .

The first line of:

followed by (start at 38 seconds):

You can't unhear it. You're welcome ;-P

Oh and along with music corruption.  Ever since I saw:

I start giggling whenever I hear this one (start at 42):

This was particularly funny when that song was stuck in my head during a particularly disastrous lesson last summer and all I could think was "I can't afford to be any smaller!" hahaha oh dear.

Ok so that's enough of that for tonight :)  Have a good one!


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