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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Puppy agility

Had so much fun with Sasha today.   Getting ready to leave the house and she's sitting looking at the door ready to go out.  Looks at the door, looks at me.  Can just see the thought bubble "stupid human".  Clearly I wasn't getting the hint fast enough so she went and got a shoe and put it by the door too.  "Come on, what more do  I need to do for you?"  hahahah too funny.

Then later I had a break between lessons so figured we'd try the agility tunnel.  All sorts of notes about "introduce slowly" etc.  Yeah or not - I pointed her at it and took a treat to the other end.  Done and done.  Quite happy to run back and forth through the tunnel for treats...  I have the kewlest puppy ever.

Of course the same notes suggested the "pause box" would be the easiest one for them to learn.  Methinks I need better notes >;-P   Or perhaps to pass puppy kindergarten before attempting agility.   Nah.

Kinda helps offshoot feeling so sick.  Booo.   HUGE thanks to Paula and my dad who saved the day and took on stalls for me.  Would've been a very long and challenging day without them.   I love my job, but there is absolutely no flexibility for having a rough day - when I only had 8 horses I could do it no matter what state I was in, but with 17 (and 6 lessons) it's a bit more of a challenge!

Tomorrow Paula and Steph are taking on the barn for me -- all I have to do is sleep and teach a few lessons.  Hopefully resulting in one day recovery :)   I have the most awesome students ever!


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