Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

So got very frustrated with myself today as for the THIRD time, I went the wrong direction at a certain point on my drive to work.   Then I clued in that since 2002, *every* barn I've worked or ridden at has required a right turn at that particular location whereas the new one requires a left.   Clearly my car has been well trained to go right there -- esp when I'm not really thinking about it...  Muscle memory?  hahaha don't know but definitely ingrained habit.

Sasha is growing crazy quickly.  On the plus side - she's now big enough to get in the car by herself!  She went to the vet today and survived with very little drama.

Finished my Christmas shopping tonight.  Woohoo!   Was highly amused that when I pulled into the last shopping plaza the Mission Impossible theme started playing.  It's the little things in life :)   Now just need to find time to wrap!

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the "to-do" list *sigh*  I have faith it'll be all good in the long run, but getting there...  Some days, a little tricky.  Will get caught up...  Just not entirely sure when >;-P   Maybe skipping Christmas would do it?


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