Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Any day that ends better than it starts is a good one...

So I generally love my job, but even I have to admit that there are days when it's just plain hard.   When you're stiff, sore, tired, cold, cranky, or the world just isn't right and the horses aren't co-operating, and things just don't go as planned... Well let's just say those are the only times I miss the office.

Today was the first of those days at the new place.   By 10:30 I was only *just* finishing up turn-out (ummm that'd be about an hour later than normal).  Super tired and slightly cold and all I wanted to do was go back to bed.  But with 17 stalls to muck, that's not so much an option.   Didn't even have a real reason for it - just super-tired and very much in slow motion.

So I'm debating about the wisdom of taking a mini-break to make some hot chocolate and recharge with some puppy time.   Would that wake me up and put me in a better mood, or would it put me to sleep?   Deciding the second, I reluctantly dragged out the wheelbarrow and convinced myself that if I ever wanted to be done, I'd better get started.

Well not 30 seconds after the mental "quit your whining and get to work" the door opens and in walks...   my Dad :)   Carrying hot chocolate and an offer to help with stalls.   Can I just say I have the most amazing parents on the planet?   Made such a completely huge difference to my day which was suddenly not so overwhelming.  And with his help, even having a very slow day I was still done in a very reasonable amount of time which allowed me to get some other stuff done and even take a 20 min break (first one!).

And I'll tell ya - it made all the difference in the world.   By the time it was time to teach I was awake and happy again :)   And lessons were a blast.  Louis set a new personal best height record jumping (given that he only knew about cross rails when he came, there are a lot of these - but he was jumping *really* well tonight with his part-boarder Margaret).  And a dressage lesson with everybody getting really good work from their horses.

So yesterday I drove the tractor for the first time.   Yeah, def prefer sports cars *g*   But it did get the job done.  Having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it runs without touching the gas, and the break doesn't stop it unless you're in neutral.   An odd mix of automatic and standard -- shifting the way I do for the car is not necessary, but you do use the clutch for some things (but not all - that'd make too much sense).   The bucket takes more control to move around than I'd expected, but I'll get the hang of that.   Was a horrible fail at parking on a hill.  hahaha gave up and let it roll backwards to flat ground.   Suspect that'll get better.   Did manage to deliver all the hay to the paddocks I wanted it to go to, but I suspect I'm not really ready to try harrowing the ring yet!

And have I mentioned lately how ridiculously smart my superstar puppy is?   We really need puppy classes to start sooner rather than later cause right now she's learning all sorts of things she can get away with >;-P   But really, she's awesome.  Travels like an old pro (good thing seeing how much time we spend in the car) and last night put herself to bed in her crate without so much as a minor wimper.   Yeah puppy!

Sherlock is really bitter about her presence though.   I've never seen him growl, hiss or spit before, but she brings out all the ugly in him.  On the plus side - he's way more affectionate with me than ever before now.  As long as Sasha isn't around that is!

Hopefully actually get to ride tomorrow!  Def time to work that back into the schedule...


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