Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

A weekend off :) Yes, really!

So the weekend was absolutely amazing! Thanks tons to Amy and Hailey -- barn teens who chose to behave as adults all weekend so I could go be a teen again *g* Thanks to them I got to head off to the cottage for my first day(S!) off since Christmas. And it was completely perfect. Spent all weekend lying on the dock or zipping around in the boat (well except for the minor excursions for ginormous amounts of ice cream of course!)

Best line of the weekend: "You look like Neapolitan ice cream." Totally out of nowhere. And my first thought was - hey, I'm not fat! hahaha - cause really, if you'd seen the size of the ice cream we'd BEEN eating, you'd understand both A - the image of ice cream is decidedly round, and B - after that much of it, I could well be round too! But no, the reference was actually to colour. Anything that's exposed while riding teaching is currently tanned very dark; the front half of me that only sees daylight when a swimsuit is involved was vibrant red (due to a HORRIBLE sunscreen FAIL. Seriously why do they even *make* sunscreen that's not waterproof???); and the back half of me was still pretty blindingly white. So admittedly still not a particularly attractive image, but at least a reasonable one *g*

Got home late Sunday night - relaxed, warm, and happy.


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