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Finding willpower

So I was reading this article on neuroscience (which, despite having no science background, I'm fascinated by :) and it was discussing ways to train certain traits that have at times been considered inherently part of you - essentially unchangeable as an adult. The unchangeable idea seems to have been shot down by just about everybody (yeah!) but this particular one struck me as a rather fallible argument.

They suggested that to improve willpower, say before going on a diet, you should brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand for two weeks. They ran tests, and the people who did that were far more successful in whatever they needed their willpower for than those who didn't. So I think ok, well I'm sure I can use more willpower (funny I can hear my mother scoffing as I write this), why not give it a try?

So what I've discovered, one week in, is A - it's a lot harder than you'd think - give it a try! But far more importantly B - it's not training willpower, it's that only those who already *have* willpower are going to last the two weeks. Maybe it enhances what's already there? That I don't know. But honestly, it's a little task that you do (or at least I do :) only when I'm tired -- first thing in the am after getting up and last thing at night when I go to sleep. This is when I'm *least* likely to want to take 3x as long and concentration required for a task I can do literally as I'm falling asleep just by switching hands. Now 1 week in it's now taking me only twice as long *sigh* but I'm still not proficient.

Not that I particularly care, to be quite honest. I'll do the two weeks because I decided to do the two weeks, but whether or not it helps anything? hahaha we'll see. I'm still allegedly running 15k in, as my email reminded me today, less than a month. Could use some willpower for that for sure :)


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