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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Real life magic

So I've been feeling pretty girly lately -- believe it or not, I do that occasionally *g* Watching chick flicks and reading sappy stories and crying at all of the above. And I'm quite certain it has nothing to do with the fact that my last childhood friend just had a baby or that I have another birthday rapidly approaching. Nothing at all. hahaha I do though sometimes wonder if I shouldn't at least *pretend* to be looking for Mr. Right. Although another part of me figures if he really *is* Mr. Right, he'll find me *g*

Now you have to understand, about 98% of the time I love my life the way it is. And I'm so insanely busy that while there might be room for a relationship, there is no room for the dating required to find said relationship. Well that and I hate dating. You should've seen the blog posts I *didn't* post the last time I was playing that game. Sheesh. hahaha

But at the moment, suffice to say I'm feeling a little like I'm missing out on a part of life I might regret later. However, *little* is the key word there -- if I were really stressed about it, I'd be doing something to fix it. hahaha you're not new here, sit and wait for magic to happen has rarely been my strategy (not that I'd turn it down if it worked!). But enough that I turned on a sappy movie in the background while I was writing my blog post earlier this eve. And being very aware and somewhat bemused by this action, felt the need to post it on Facebook.

But what got me, and why I'm writing this now, was the response of one of my friends. And that, I share now, with her permission (thanks Jane!).

I posted: Lauren Cude is watching Letters to Juliet for the ummmm too-manyith time. It's not even a particularly good or believable movie, but I guess it's further proof I'm a suck cause I'm still enjoying it. Again.

And my friend Jane responded: Not believable??!?!? THAT movie is basically the story of Doug and I. When we saw it, we could not believe the similarities in the story to 'us'. We have told everyone to watch that movie, because it is 'our story' - the only difference being that they lost their spouses due to death. High school sweethearts, parted ways, but never forgot each other, let go, loved others, married, had families, find each other single again many years later (35 years for us), against all odds they manage to find each other and re-connect, and the relationship just sort of picks up from there and resumes, and they (hopefully) live happily ever after.... Now, what's so hard to believe in all of that? I am living that storyline!

So yeah - apparently there *is* magic out there. So I thought I'd share for any in the same mood I am :)

Hope you had a great Canada Day :)


Awwwww....thanks Lauren!!! I've never been part of a blog before - well, not that I know of - and I must admit that I was excited at the idea of 'our story' going on such a public venue. I just read your entry out loud to Doug, and found myself biting back the tears, especially to the 'magic' comment. Letters to Juliet is definitely a sappy movie - the kind of chic flick that most men would try to avoid at all costs. But picture the two of us watching it, and at numerous points, just looking at each other with this 'holy ****, this is US' look on our faces. We've told many people to watch it and think of us, and have received more than a few comments that they watched it with a different perspective, and even shed a few tears thinking along the lines of 'wow....this is Doug and Jane'. Having lived a rich and full life - yes, with some not-so-great moments - we each separately had assumed that there wasn't to be any more 'magic'. We are living proof that no one can know what is down the road for them, and if you just keep an open mind and an open heart, that ........abbracadadra! Magic can happen. Keep up the writing, Lauren. I enjoy it so much. You have fantastic skills. But especially, keep believing in magic!!!


"abbracadadra! Magic can happen." - this line pretty much made my night :)


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