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Fun and games at Caledon

Had a blast teaching @ Caledon yesterday. Perfect weather! (Distinctly recall wearing a snow-suit at that clinic two years ago!) I was in dressage world this year with a very helpful and eager scribe. Had really great students who all made a serious effort and a significant difference between their first test and
their second. Also lots of really intelligent questions that I was impressed by. Always a lot of fun to teach when you see those kind of results :) That whole instant gratification thing. hahaha it's what makes clinics so much fun :) That and spending the day in the sun and the chance afterwards to see and socialize with people I don't get to see nearly enough. Def a good thing :)

Gotta say though after three days back in the horse world, going to the office this am was brutal. I seriously have to get myself a farm.


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