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Long weekend fun :)

So I am absolutely loving summer! Esp as it's still May :) Hoping it sticks around!!! Had a blast teaching @ Caledon yesterday. Perfect weather! (Distinctly recall wearing a snow-suit at that clinic two years ago!) I was in dressage world this year with a very helpful and eager scribe. Had really great students who all made a serious effort and a significant difference between their first test and their second. Also lots of really intelligent questions that I was impressed by. Always a lot of fun to teach when you see those kind of results :) That whole instant gratification thing. hahaha it's what makes clinics so much fun :) That and spending the day in the sun and the chance afterwards to see and socialize with people I don't get to see nearly enough. Def a good thing :) Gotta say though after three days back in the horse world, going to the office this am was brutal. I seriously have to get myself a farm. Awesome ride today -- super dressage pony. AND amazing hunter BO dug me a ditch :) woohoo!!!! I asked permission to build one on Sun and she ok'd it, and then went one step further and found somebody with a tractor to dig it for me. Sweet! Needless to say Sienna didn't want to go anywhere near it *sigh* But we'll start working on that tomorrow. So went for n icecream walk this eve. It was wonderfully summery out :) And there was some huge issue going on a bridge over the highway as well as lights out at the intersection -- two poor cops in full gear were standing in the heat directing insane amounts of traffic. Less than a block from DQ. So we picked them up some lemonade slushies :) hahaha 10 lanes of traffic were paused briefly so they could get the drinks. They seemed pretty grateful -- was really cute. The little things in life eh? "Remember when you were five and everything was possible? Happy fifth birthday." Just heard that on the tv that I'm only half watching. No idea what the commercial was for, but liked the thought (says she who celebrated her 12th bday last summer :) hahaha And speaking of "anything's possible" -- I'm going on a surprise vacation this summer. N am very excited about it *g* My mum and I are going on a trip, but she's planning it and won't give me any details beyond what days to book off work :) Oh and a question as to whether my passport is up-to-date (which doesn't necessarily mean anything since she's smart enough to ask that even if I don't need a passport -- I come by my surprise planning skills honestly *g*). hahaha so... guesses? Alright off to do something useful. Or the exact opposite of. Night!


I was really thinking about going on Monday, like you suggested, but ended up at the cottage all weekend and had to miss it!!
-Olivia from your Monday lessons(:


Wow! I'm really surprised the cops would accept a food gift from the public! I would have thought they'd have policies against that sort of thing, no matter how hot it was outside.

Still... it's nice to see things like that can still happen. Too bad you couldn't get some sort of "get out of jail free" card for your generosity, or something like that :-D


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