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Procrastination Posting

Ok well I have a ton of homework to do and I’m spending most of the day teaching, so of course the little time I actually have for said homework is being spent on FB and Email and now writing the blog. Apparently despite not having been in uni for a few years now, I’ve not lost the art of procrastination. My laundry may even get done!

However – for the school side of things – if anybody reading this understands latin and would be able to help me figure out some 101 level questions let me know! Would really appreciate a sounding board :)

For the horse people out there – this week was a blast! And I started typing the story of the British Smurff (umm that’d be Sienna) here but got too long, so as always, it’s been relocated to the GRS blog.

Ok well I’ve killed enough time that it’s time to go teach now. Hahhaa homework this eve I guess.



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