Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

And the horse once again teaches humility *g*

Yeah so I had an absolute blast on Sunday (as you *might* have gleaned from my previous post!) and was pretty happy on Monday to discover I was not sore @ all. Not bad after what 3 n a half hours riding -- much of it in 2pt. hahaha so taught all night Monday -- no problem (students were superstars so I was pretty thrilled at that). And then today I finally got to ride Si (who's now had two days off and was a *little* high).

Now by this point, all thoughts to musclesoreness are long since gone cause really, Sunday was a LONG time ago and I was fine. You'd think by now I'd clue into the fact that it's the-day-after-the-day-after when any soreness really kicks in, but still wasn't thinking that way. Got on, rode the zoomies out, shortened stirrups to jump, lasted less than 10 mins before my calves were SCREAMING. Jumped one fence too many and they just turned off. And of course me being me and Sunday having been SOOOOO long ago I'm sitting there brain spinning to figure out *what* is going on. It took me entirely too long to clue in to the fact that those muscles might've worked just a little more than usual this wknd *g* (esp after the no-stirrup drills of Sat) hahaha so then I just felt like an idiot -- but was amused enough that I figured I'd share. Will admit though that I'm rather glad tomorrow's lesson is dressage!

Alright off to cooking class now. And yes, for the record, there have been reports of ice skating in hell today.


are you seriously going to cooking class?? Where?



HAHAHAHAHAHA. I said you would be sore, but NOOOOOOOOOO, you knew better :)


Jen not really -- went to Supperworx -- I figure that's about as close to cooking class as I get *g*

hahaha yeah Chris you win. Was fine for everything else except jumping. That totally toasted me. Dressage lesson? No problem. Daily life? No problem. Jumping round a hunter course? Brutal!


HAHA I was thinking the same thing!!! cooking class. REALLY!!


opps that was me Kerri


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