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Is icecream for dinner a bad thing?

So I have a one-a-day calendar that's fairly random and generally interesting. But I felt the need to share this one: "After earning doctorates in plant pathology and genetics from the University of Minnesota in 1942, Norman Bourlaug took an agricultural research position with the Mexican government, where he developed varieties of wheat that had high yield and were disease resistant. Result: Mexico was able to stop importing wheat and started exporting it. He took his wheat varieties to Pakistan and India in the 1960s and doubled wheat production in those two countries. For these developments, Borlaug is credited with saving over a billion people from starvation. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970." Saving over a BILLION people from starvation?!?! OMG. Like seriously, what a thing to achieve. And yet when you consider the "great" people of the century, I'm quite certain none of us would think of Mr. Bourlaug. So this was just my modest salute to him and those like him who do amazing things only to be relegated to the obscure pages of the history books...

So several years at uni taught me to be very good at tuning out the rest of the world to focus on one thing exclusively. A very good thing in my current environment as it's often loud and chaotic. What worries me is that I find it applying in situations it shouldn't! hahaha Like somebody's talking to me and I focus on something going on in the bg and entirely miss what they're saying. This never used to happen! Not so sure I like the development of this skill set! I have noticed that by the end of the wknd I'm back to being able to focus on multiple things fairly quickly though so I have hopes that it's not a lasting thing...

So it appears that my mum and my pony have bonded :) Those friends of mine from the barn who've known me for years and never met my parents will understand the significance of this -- barn people they are not. hahaha we're not quite sure what fluky set of genes I got! >;-P Anyways my parents kindly returned my trailer to the barn for me, but were having trouble disconnecting it -- so my mum came in the arena to find me (to give an idea of how often she's been in the arena there was no yelling door -- yikes! hahaha fortunately everybody there is very kewl so it was all good; can just imagine the response I would've gotten in *some* places :) But I can't leave to fix the trailer cause of course I'm riding. So in order to go see about the trailer, she has to come hold the pony. Upon this suggestion I got the expected "you've suddenly grown a second head!" look but *then* the unexpected "ok I'll hold the horse." uh I'm sorry, what??? Ok who are you and what have you done w/ my mother??? hahaha but sure enough, she came and held her for me so I could go fix the trailer (Si, of course, couldn't care less about this :) And when I came back all was still well... Apparently somewhere in the 2-day commute home she and Si came to an understanding :)

Now while Miss Si gets bonus points for being nice to my mum, to *me* she's been behaving like... oh... a 4yo chestnut TB mare. "I don't WANT to." hahaha it was such a typical maneuver I couldn't help laughing @ her. Which of course didn't help the scenario any. Ah well. It was bound to happen.

But as far as chestnut mare's go -- got an E from Zel's new owner today; all is well in their world again and he and his granddaughters are all enjoying her. There's a line about "every horse should, at some point in their lives, have their own little girl to love them" - n I Zel seems to have ended up with two. A waste of talent perhaps, but at least she'll be forever spoiled :)

So went both riding and spinning today. Worked pretty hard in spin class. Didn't realize how much so till I was driving home. Yeah, pushing in the clutch was no problem -- letting it out at the right rate, well that required almost more physical ability than I had left!

And on that note, I'm going to vege... :)


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