Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

"Be pleasant until 10:00am and the rest of the day will take care of itself."

Ok so I get up this morn, really not feeling like getting out of bed. It's still dark. And cold. N I'm thoroughly snuggled in my nice big comfy bed w/ the cat purring nearby. However, get out of bed I did and was out the door only about 2 min late. Not tragic.

Then I get on the highway. W/in about 3min, traffic is stopped. Now I know at that time of day a couple of minutes can make a *huge* difference in traffic. But usually on my drive in the traffic stops on the Gardiner, shortly after the Lakeshore exit. I was literally 2min late. N now it was stopped in Oakville??? Def not kewl. So I'm sitting there n it's not *quite* stop-and-go, I can leave my car in 2nd gear just have to be on and off the clutch a lot. So figure may as well enjoy it n turn up the volume a little. About the time I *would* usually be at work, I'm still not even to Mississauga road, so I call in. No answer, but ok. Leave a message that I'm stuck in traffic and will get there when I get there. Of course just about as soon as I hang up the phone I can see where the problem is (construction lane closed that they didn't reopen in time) n shortly thereafter am on my merry way again. Get to work about 40min later than normal n my phone rings while I'm parking the car. ummm ok, everybody I know is either asleep or on their own way to work but sobeit. Answer n it's my boss - who is always in before me. "I called the office and you weren't there so I just wanted to make sure you weren't stuck somewhere or having problems w/ the alarm." Apparently he's working from home this morn and will be in later -- fair enough, but classic that that's when I'm running late! hahaha So tell him all good and I'll call if I'm stuck -- fully expecting now that I will indeed be stuck cause, well, let's be honest that's how my world works. But no, it's all good.

Make it in the office no problem. Alarm starts beeping -- that's ok I know the code. Oh wait -- I know the code in *letters* and it's a numeric pad. With no letters. So while I'm sitting there spelling out the alphabet to figure out which numbers go w/ which letters (which of course I can txt blind, but somehow staring a beeping blank keypad while still in a traffic-coma, it did not occur to me to apply this skill-set). Anyways, needless to say this takes way too long and all the alarms go off. So now we have flashing lights and loud sirens. Good morning! Sheesh. N of course all this is supposed to be very disconcerting and scare the burglar off. All it did for me was wake me up enough to stop being an idiot. Dig out my cell phone, locate the appropriate letters, and key them in. All is well.

Sign into my email and w/in about half an hour have messages from two of the guys also saying they're running late. Just one of those mornings I guess.

So apparently I busted a myth today. A few years ago Kerri (@ least I *think* it was Kerri) and I were in the office @ the barn n I was making my winter sustanance (that'd be hot chocolate) n when I put the powder in the microwaved hot water it bubbled over much as a carbonated drink does after being put in a paint shaker. N we puzzled over this for a bit, but decided it was still drinkable and very quickly the story faded from memory (being replaced by oh such more important things as "buy more hot chocolate"). Fast-forward a year or so to one of my rare nights in front of the tv set and sure enough Myth Busters is tackling the "items exploding after microwaving" myth... ummm huh? But sure enough my carbonated hot chocolate issue was infact a microwave issue. And wide enough spread that Myth Busters felt the need to take it on. N yes, it was confirmed, if you microwave your water hot enough and put something in it, it explodes. Tons of fun. hahaha so anyways -- I've done this enough over the years now that I sometimes have a feeling it's going to explode I'm usually right (don't know what it is about it that tells me that but sobeit). hahaha so sure enough water is in explosion mode so instead of being an adult and waiting maturly for it to cool off a bit, I say offhand "hey guys, this'll explode" -- well far more amusing than the exploding hot chocolate (which was appropriately impressive) was the reaction of the guys. Always thought that was a myth, never seen that before, etc etc etc. So while I did have to acknowledge that I was not the first to bust said myth, I was still entertained by the reaction. N for the curious: -- they say it's not all that common, but I certainly see it at least a few times a year; only ever with older microwaves though -- not sure why, but that's been my experience. On the down side I had to clean up the exploded hot chocolate and start over, but like I said "one of those mornings."

N it's not even 9:30 yet. How's your day going?


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