Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Exploring the great outdoors

So my dressage lesson today was SO much fun! Had the opportunity to ride a superstar school-master who's forgotten far more than I've ever learned :) The first 15 mins or so were highly entertaining as I tried to find the buttons and as he, very quickly, taught me to sit still and use my aids correctly; because any "chatter" is responded to as though it were intentional. hahaha Move your leg slightly, the correspondent part of his body will move. Shift your weight and either speed, direction, or both will also change. Whether you intended it or not. Had a blast :)

This was followed up w/ taking Sienna out to play and, well, she was a superstar! hahaha what else need be said?

So overall an amazing day. Still on a high from it!

Also pretty excited that the pieces of my new website seem to be coming together. It has random testimonials poping up on each page (thanks TONS to all who wrote them for me! And to those who haven't quite got around to it yet, I'd still love to have them!). It *also* incorporates my new blog. Yes new blog -- that one really will be entirely riding/teaching related. In the off season I suspect there'll be a fair amount of cut-n-paste between the two. In show season, that one will have far more of its own identity. But the really kewl part is it's actually part of the site! Ok yeah, I'm a geek. We've already established this :) It's the little things in life. hahaha I'll post the link tomorrow when I've finished uploading things...

So I'm currently sitting w/ 3 cats and a bunny. Bilbo the bunny is doing laps around his round-pen, one of the cats is sleeping beside me, but then entertaining part is the *other* two cats who are being terrorized by said bunny! hahaha One keeps running up to the cage and as soon as Bilbo starts hoping towards him he retreats at top speed! hahaha the other one is cowering in the corner of the room watching *very* carefully every move Bilbo makes. And again, any time he hops in that general direction, the cat scoots backwards. What is it that makes any critter I'm associated with forget the natural order of things? (asks she who's last horse was terrified of deer but great friends with dogs).

Ok off for now! Have a good one.


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