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Scary Gravel and Related Monsters - part 2

*part 2*

So then . . . *insert ominous background music* . . . the driveway. He walked right up to it np (usually, if I'm alone @ least, he starts shying a little ways back. He's not so bad if we're with another horse but even then...). N then stop, snort, sideways... But he didn't spin or back up (yeah -- some of the day's lesson has evidently sunk in). He walked over it. REALLY tall, but he did it. ("I'm gonna do it, but I'm not gonna like it" -- I swear he's still a 2 yo child). Right away started snorting at the next pile -- goes to spin away from that, so I point him right back at the one he just walked over. Going AWAY from the barn. nahnah *insert rider mentally sticking out tongue @ pony; hey I can be two too :) - you could just feel his brain spinning "WTF, we already did that, she's supposed to be making me go over there, and I didn't want to go over there, but I don't really want to go over here either, HEY! what am I doing standing on this!" snort snort snort. But stand on it he did. And walked back and forth over it. Anyways eventually that pile got boring so we went to do the same thing at the other WHITE pile. Now WHITE gravel is almost as scary as BROWN grass. And white gravel w/ a strip of paper in it? Well that's just not in his contract. But I think he finally gave up and after the token snort walked back and forth over it several times. Stopped and stood on top to lots of pats. Then up and down the driveway over both parts. And the world was good. After THAT he finally got to go home.

It was definitely the LONGEST ride I've ever had on him. But one of the more sucessful ones too. Now the interesting thing will be to see if any of it sunk in. I have some doubts, but we'll find out soon enough :)

hmmm this is the longest E I've typed in quite some time. But then, it was a long ride :)


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