Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The impression that I get...

Ok so on Sat I got up and went over to see Cayman etc. The barn manager seemed to expect me to start THAT day... ummmm no... I talked myself into starting on Sun instead. Sheesh! Got moved into where I'm going to live (stunning house but my room isn't available yet so I'm staying elsewhere till Wed), went to town (in NH -- no big stores in VT. But no sales tax in NH. It's a great concept!) to get some odds and ends and find my way around. Food is HUGE -- "small" meals @ fast food places are = to med + @ home. I can just imagine what large will be. Even microwave dinners are bigger. That night the girl who I'm replacing was having a going away party. Was highly entertaining, but I left early as I felt really awkward being there (she's clearly very close to everyone else and I've met her all of once)... But as the party was going on where I'm living, sleep wasn't much of an option either! So much for getting caught up!

Where I'm Living


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