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1st Day!

Ok I'm exhausted so I make no guarentees as to the coherence of this!

I show up @ 7:30 -- the other two girls there are somewhat hungover after the party last night, so not overly social. But then I'm not particularly social first thing in the am on the best of days! There are supposed to be 4 ft staff (including me) but apparently one of them just randomly decides when she's working. She showed up around lunch time today. Interesting concept! There are also 2 pt -- 1 who kinda does her own thing and just looks after 2 specific horses, and 1 who wants very much to be involved but is still in HS so comes over to the barn whenever she's not in school.

So the morning involves all your typical barn chores -- except taken to an extreme since the BM (who's super nice) is beyond anal about being a neat freak. But sobeit -- we all have our things >;-P However, this is a bit excessive... @ some barns I've worked at you're doing really well if all the stalls actually get done every day. N water buckets get cleaned occasionally. In comparison -- here the stalls are done not once, not twice, but THREE times a day!!! (@ least the ones w/ horses in them). Indoor water buckets are emptied and scrubbed every time the stall is done. Outside buckets once/day. Outside paddocks are picked every day too. Insane. But the place IS spotless -- I'll give em that :) Several things they do in a particularly inefficient manner. No other barn I've ever been @ would allow it -- but no other barn could spare the staff either. For now I'm not about to say anything cause quite honestly I need the break! Had a good 1/2h nap waiting for one of the outside buckets to fill cause instead of going and doing something productive while they're filling, you sit and watch them. That whole "watching paint dry" concept -- yeah right up there. That sort of thing. I wonder what they'd think if I brought a book out w/ me? hahaha don't think I'll try that yet ;-P My camera otoh...

On the plus side -- lunch is an hour and a half! Has ANYBODY else EVER heard of that in a barn job? In ANY job?

People are all very friendly. It seems to be a good group. And the work is pretty evenly shared which is nice. Once I'm used to these friggin mountains I won't be so tired and things will be easier. This week though... Brutal.


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