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A meh first world problem's kinda day

So a friend posted something about her "silent book club" she is in Australia so definitely too far away but I messaged her just saying it sounded awesome.  She tells me it's international and check out if there might be one near me.  Two Toronto-ish but nothing in Niagara.  Clicked the "start your own" (cause - well, you're not new here) to see what it's about.  "All you need is a friend, a cafe, and a book" - I was pretty thoroughly depressed when I realized I only have one of those close enough to connect with on a weekly basis living this side of the bridge :( 

A "start your own" example from the other day that might make those who know me laugh (or roll their eyes).  C and I were chatting about some of the challenges in our educational system, and differences from other systems around the world.   If we had kids, I'm not convinced I'd want them going through that program.  There are a lot of positives (and negatives) to home schooling, but I know myself well enough to know there's no way that would be an acceptable answer ;-P.  I would lose my little brain.  So what's the solution?   Clearly, I'd need to open my own school.  Lol this is exactly where my mind went, dove right into the practicalities of what would I need to do to set up an appropriate curriculum that would make use of modern learning theories while still enable grads to qualify for and succeed at university.   How and where would I find qualified teachers and what would make this school an environment they'd want to teach in?   Could a school of that sort even survive, esp where we live now?  What are the requirements to open a school?  lol just to be clear, I have ZERO intention of doing this - and even less intention of having children that would require me to do it ;-P.  Just amused me that that's where my mind went for how to solution this.  

Under the trying to meet people concept - it is remarkably hard to find adult lessons in anything out here.  Have tried: indoor rock climbing (not even a wall for casual, much less lessons), circus school (that one I found and it was a blast, but it wasn't working with my schedule and I was super frustrated that I couldn't practice in-between so progress was painful), indoor skydiving (this exists here, but tourists only.  Nothing for even a regular pass), revisiting skiing (uh, Niagara is flat, and xc is only fun on horseback), ballroom dancing (a slightly intoxicated C actually agreed to this?!?!) - yup, found exactly one place and they're taking the semester off, skating (adult lessons "cancelled this semester" - also adult is defined as over 13 there - I only thought of this one today though, so may do more digging), volunteering -- one failed, but the other is actually starting.  Win.  Except it's teens, so while it's a good thing to do and gets me out of the house, it's not good for meeting new adult friends.  And of course my lifetime default of riding -- there's very little of it in any form I'd enjoy participating in here :(   Super frustrating.   I *did* eventually find music lessons (win!), but that's 1-1 so again less good on the whole meeting people concept.   And I really enjoy our gym trainer, but again - it's just us.   

Anyways - definitely first world whininess.  Probably brought on by insane work - which should hopefully calm down after this week.   And maybe then I'll find something fun to do that actually involves other people.


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