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On your birthday, calories don't count

Well it seems I've successfully taken another trip around the sun.  This year was really all about learning our new normal.  We moved here shortly before my birthday last year and both Chris and I got new jobs.   So getting the house set up (yeah new deck!) and acclimatising ourselves to our new area.   I made multiple efforts to fill the hole in my life left by a lack of horses and near-by friends.  Some more successful than others ;).   

Between us, we spend an excessive amount of time out here.

Let's see.   I tried volunteering for Big Brothers / Big Sisters.  Plus side, I'm now officially a volunteer.  Except...   They don't have anybody needing a match?   Lol which, I mean, actually awesome.  But it definitely defeated the whole giving back to the community idea.   Then I went to the library to see if there were any literacy or ESL programs for adults that could use a volunteer.   I have exp in both of those fields, and while I definitely don't want to do either of them as a job, a couple hours a week I'd likely enjoy.  And there is definitely a strong need for ESL within the immediate community.  But no.  Not, apparently, a public service.  Lots of tutoring type places, but that's not what I was looking for at all.

Okay so switching tactics -- how about a fun physical activity?  I looked for climbing first - I've enjoyed that in the past.  Unfortunately there's a grand total of one climbing gym anywhere near here and all they do is bouldering.  Yeah no, if I can't go up, why would I do it?   Sideways, way less fun.   Alright, well how about adult gymnastics?   Nope.  Nada.  Nowhere.  Fail.   BUT I *did* find Circus Arts, and promptly signed up for Arial Silks.   This was a riot.  I *really* enjoyed it.  But I got super frustrated by how slowly I could progress as a beginner who could only practice once a week.  Each week it was like starting over, I had to relearn everything we'd done the week before.  And it was a winter, after dinner activity.  So by the time work was done and it was dark, this was not something I really wanted to do.  Although to be fair, I always enjoyed it once I got there.

Alright, so can't be brand new unless it's something I can practice at home.   I don't know how I got to piano, but I randomly decided that's what I wanted to learn, did a ton of research in super speed, and soon had a digital keyboard (headphones!) with weighted keys (feels like a "real" piano), a stand, a bench, and an app.  Set.   This one, stuck.   I'm still really enjoying it, although I put less time in in the summer (shocker) since I'm outside every possible minute from the time work is over till the bugs come out.   So I'd say bare minimum practicing over the summer, but little by little...   Getting there :).   Only down side is it didn't solve the meeting people challenge.  But still really happy I found this one, and hopeful I might be able to take actual lessons in fall or winter.

And work?  It's crazy.  But I love it.   Great environment, totally engaged in and passionate about the work I'm doing.   The only other job I've ever been this into was GRS.  So, I mean, that's saying something.   It *does* mean I tend to put in a lot more hours than I prob should (hence the not enough time for all the hobbies), but other than that, all good.

So, as per almost always, I took Trip Around the Sun day off of work.  I stayed up quite late last night - cause I could ;) and slept in this am.  Chris got the vast majority of his week's schoolwork done in advance so he could join me for the day.  We went for a mini road trip to pick up pies from the Baking Twins.  These are actually for me to take to the cottage w me tomorrow, but it's a pretty drive and, well, if you're ever out here on a weekend, it's worth going to visit them (they're only open Fri-Sun).

We didn't actually pay to go into the fort,
but we did walk around it and answer some questions ;)

Then we went to Niagara on the Lake to do a Let's Roam.   The weather was perfect and the town is lovely, but the Roam was the worst I've ever done.  SO glad it wasn't our first, as I would never have done another.   Almost every checkpoint was nowhere near where the map told us to go, it was only partially a loop, and at one point there was a hugely long walk with no challenges or anything interesting.  So yeah, overall disappointing.  But it is absolutely a lovely town to wander around.  My original thought had been to go to Post and Pillar for massages and hot springs, but when I checked back in Feb, they were already booked :(   lol so this was a nice enough second.

The marketing and finishing touches on this small business impressed me

On our walk I saw this unique trailer and was fasciated.  Turns out it's a local business that creates high-end picnic lunches for people to have in the park.  And their picnic baskets (which look very much like the trailer) fold open into a table.  Very cute, great little business idea.  

Anyways - by this point we were hungry so we had lunch at the Olde Angel Inn, which we've been to before and enjoyed.   This time we got to be out on the HUGE patio, which was lovely.   

Since lunch was mid afternoon, neither of us were starving when it came time for dinner, so we had birthday cheesecake instead :). 😂 sometimes I love adulting.  Then took the dogs for a walk and mostly just chilled.   Facebook told me today the skittle cake was 9 years ago?!?!   It still wins for best cake ever -- if for no other reason than the amount of effort Steph and her sister Nicole put into making it.  Similarly, by far the most personal gift ever was the scrap book my mum made for my 40th.   Still love that one.   Lots of other great goodies (both baked and not) - I've been pretty lucky :), but those stand out as top two things.   Trips and activities can't be ranked - happy memories all around there.   There have been some awesome birthday activities :)

Anyways - it's now super-late and I'm definitely babbling, but - I'm on vacation :).  Sobeit.


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