Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Best week in a long time :)

Almost worth getting up early to see this

So the day after my bday, Sasha and I headed up to join most of our extended family (incl, of course, Bailey and Coco) at my aunt and uncle's cottage.   Still one of my top favourite places in the world, and definitely Sasha's top.  Where else is a leash a figment of the imagination, she can run and swim pretty much as much as she wants, and there're endless chipmunks to chase?   Heaven really.  Unless you're a chipmunk ;-P

On the "hunt".
If she ever catches something,
she just bops it with her nose to re-start the game.

A week of sunshine, dock weather, boat rides, waterskiing (?!?! SO much fun, but man the next day did I ever feel old :( ), "synchronised" diving (our record was five cousins at the same time, ranging in age from 9-me ;), other lake fun, watching the competitive gymnasts move in ways I could never have done even as a child, photos (I wish I'd brought my real camera), conversation, toddler making baby noises and wide smiles, lots of books, Duolingo (5 people in my family all doing it?!?! French (4), Spanish (2), Italian (1), and Chinese (1)), and all-round happiness.   Even the one rainy day was great as it led to a trip to town, including the dump (less fun usually but moderately entertaining in this case since it was temporarily closed due to "a really big bear in the bin".  Wouldn't close it for any bear, but this one was "really big" lol and they needed to give it a ladder so it could get out).  Then exploring the knick knack store (so much fun randomness) and, of course, a stop at the milkshake shack.

LOVE the "get up and go" feeling 
when you point this in a straight line and full throttle.

Came back relaxed and happy, with far fewer lines on my face, and a few extra pounds on the scale ;).  Didn't quite get to the relaxed enough phase where I'd actually start writing again (you know - fiction, not just "real" life stuff ;)).  But closer than I've been in a long time, so deeming that a win.

What a perfect way to spend a hot summer week.


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