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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Pianos are difficult to break into because they have a lot of keys.

Change comes through challenge but omg was painoing ever frustrating tonight.

So month 2 complete!   πŸ˜‚ -- it has certainly held my attention longer than Arial Silks did, although arguably not as good at combating the physical exercise requirement.   I am still enjoying it -- every time I start something new it's a new challenge -- this combination in this order seems mostly easy with some impossible thrown in for good luck, and the first time I get it is the same thrill and addiction as passing a hire level in Beat Saber (or whatever your video game of choice is ;)   Can I do it faster/easier/better?

While that is very much appealing, I'd also like to get to the point some day where "consistently repeatable" is an option ;).  lol I'm very much brilliance or disaster phase.  Which, lets be honest, is pretty much my approach to life so not convinced that's going to change.  πŸ˜‚.  My dressage coach used to strongly advice, time after time, that when I go in the ring I aim for average, since consistently average would get me better scores overall.   Whereas my tests could range from 2-9 in the same test (that actually happened, albeit only once ;) -- but what normally happened is I'd be right on the edge of awesome and blow it cause I pushed for that little bit more.   So I kinda feel the only way there's going to be consistency is to get good enough that at least some of it is easy *g*. And then be willing to do the easy stuff ;) 

Suffice to say that is not yet *sigh*.   That's where the frustration of tonight came in -- it was month two 'record for posterity' day - and while the first of the songs went well (although Tucker snoring is the backdrop for the first), two that have, at least lately, been fairly reliable (aka one or two takes at most) needed multiple tries to get acceptable.  Was pretty disappointed at that.

Now, the intelligent thing would've been to take that and call it, but brilliance or disaster - remember?  I decided that I'd record "just one more" -- which is in the category of I can usually get but is not solid yet and I'm still generally pretty excited when I pull off the "hard part" (Piano Man - of course!  πŸ˜‚.  Pretty sure it's a must do for any learner) -- yeah it took many more times than I wanted to admit.  Like as though I'd never gotten it before.  Super painful.  And worse - since it was for recording, that meant no headset, so my husband had to suffer through it too.

Yup, just like that.

So yeah, I'm still very much a beginner.   On the technical side I'm working through the "Piano Adventures" series of books - partially cause the name appealed to me and partially cause a friend who's also an adult beginner recommended them.  The theory interests me, the playing super-simple (yet sometimes disturbingly hard-to-me) beginner pieces I find both boring and frustrating -- it's not the best combination.  But I figure I'm probably learning something from it, so I'm targeting a chapter a week.  Between that and the scales / finger practice I figure I've got the homework part down.

I finished the 20 Day online course I was taking and while it didn't teach me what I'd expected, it did significantly increase my confidence and coordination, and I had fun with it.   I'm still working on some of the skills taught in the last couple lessons.

Otherwise, I'm really enjoying learning my beginner songs in the Flowkey app.  I took a quick look at the intermediate ones one day when I was feeling all cocky and quickly took my place back in the beginner world πŸ˜‚.  lol similarly saw something cool on YouTube and looked it up - couldn't even manage the first measure.  Oops.  But some day.  The only thing I don't like is there isn't a huge selection.  Somebody needs to create an app that can do that with any sheet music.  Plausible that they have and I just haven't found it yet.  I do have one that can read it and stop/slow down/repeat -- but it still shows as sheets, so you still have to switch pages -- That's not reasonable ;-P.  And it also doesn't analyze if you're playing the correct notes, which is a feature I appreciate.

So yeah, the games continue.  We shall see :)


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