Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Cause why not?

So my wonderful papasan chair that I've had since my second apartment has finally succumbed to old age and one too many moves.   As a result, I've been looking since we moved for my next "comfy chair".  And I failed and failed to find it, but finally found one I liked at Ikea.  

I mean great right?   Ikea's accessible, they've got endless stock, and they're cheap.  All-round win.   Except that second part proved a fail.  This was about August and they were completely out of stock.  Booo.  But cool, I can wait - they'll come back...

Or maybe not?  I looked and I looked...  Not in stock anywhere within driving range.  Then not in stock in Canada.  And the closest Ikea started saying "not available" instead of out of stock.  Booo.  

Started the search again, but kept an eye on the website...  Consistent fail on both ends.   And then, magically, there were some in Ottawa.  I mean, ridiculous, but potentially doable?   Except that I was not about to drive all the way to Ottawa unless I was *sure* there was a couch there.   Website says no delivery but available for 'click and collect' -- SWEET!   Essentially that means I order and pay for it and then go pick it up.   

Except that when I went to do that, it wouldn't work?   Connected with their support and found out that the stock was too low -- they won't do it if there are less than five of an item in the store.  Booo.  

Except...  Chris has good friends in Ottawa.  Friends good enough that when C called and asked if they'd do a random Ikea trip for us, they were up to it.  An hour later - we had a pic of my couch in boxes in their car.  Woohoo!  Win.  

This was Wed night; by Thurs am, my couch was out of stock all over Canada again.   So Thurs and Fri were super busy at work, but Saturday C and I drove out to Ottawa (for non locals, that's about a 5.5h drive), driving directly past three other Ikeas and indirectly past one, to pick up the comfy couch.  Was a great day for a drive - weekend with everything closed thanks to the lovely global pandemic going on meant no traffic; it's winter, but no weather - sunny and dry the whole way.   Was great.

Not a bad day for a drive :)

Excessive?  Perhaps.  Out of character?  Not even slightly ;).  Fun, if long, road trip (we left the dogs w my parents).  Nice, albeit short, visit with friends.  And mission accomplished.   And accomplished without even bending current covid rules.

Sadly, said couch isn't nearly as comfy as the store one was :(.  It looks good, and I'm hoping when it's more broken in it'll be what I'd hoped for.  But it's def a great improvement over what was there - and big enough to enable my need for excessive amounts of pillows ;) 


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