Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Water park adventures

Started the day off with a beach massage that was amazing.  Spent some time in the pool w my brothers and w Cameron (and all respective significant others) so that was kinda fun.   

This afternoon we went over to the water park -- a short walk from the hotel, it's included in the stay.   It's small, but in good condition and had zero lines so that was a ton of fun.  Have some good pics from that one, but need to get them off my camera still.

This eve we tried to go to an a la carte for dinner but despite lots of empty tables visible apparently there were no spaces :(.  A couple of the restaurants were booking an hour out and the others not at all.  Fail.   We did at least manage to convince one to let us make a reservation for our anniversary tomorrow - the same one where we had our reception for the wedding.   Really hoping that actually holds :)

Unbelievably stunning walk on the beach to finish the eve.


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