Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

ALL the relaxing

Was a lazy pool day today -- perfect after the last week.   All kinds of relaxed and civilized.   

discovered a new drink today - the Blue Hawaiian ;).  No idea what’s in it, but it’s blue, frosty, and can’t taste the alcohol.  Pretty perfect.   

So there was a catamaran excursion that I wanted to do till I saw the price -- $100USD?!?!   Uh no.   But the whole reason I wanted to go was to go snorkelling (ears are very clogged so no diving for me).   Went to the dive shop, and sure enough - snorkelling option.  Booked snorkelling for tomorrow at the much more reasonable price of $30 :).  AND it doesn't take half a day.   Lol also, I was pleased that I could follow the conversation the staff were having between themselves in Spanish trying to sort it out ;)


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