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Off to Zanzibar

So last night we learned that I am the first person who dies in a horror movie ;). Lol something trying to break into the tent, and my first reaction after dismissing “ignore it” was to grab a flashlight and see what it was. This of course while half asleep and blind. A whole lot of zero drama - once I shined the light, it ran away ;). But it did amuse me to discover that no only can I not see the predators, I walk right up to them. Sheesh.

Some hyenas on the way to the airport —

And today I learned that any ambition I had to learn to fly can be shelved. Little planes and I do not mix :(.

The airport was nothing more than a field with a dirt landing strip.  No checkin, no tickets checked, carry bags to the plane and hop on —

So our flight ticket said we fly to Arusha, then transfer and fly to Zanzibar. Sure, no problem. What the ticket didn’t say was that there would be four stops on the way to Arusha *sigh*. By the fourth one I was feeling motion sick (despite anti-nausea meds) and far worse - my ears. So much pain. It seriously felt like someone stuck a drill bit into my ear drum and had tunnelled down on some weird angle through my eye socket and into my molars. It was brutal. And still one flight left. After the last flight there was less pain, but I was mostly deaf. Unfortunately still am :(. I have high hopes this will be gone when I wake up in the am, but am very much afraid it may mean no diving for me :(. And diving in Zanzibar was actually what started this whole adventure. Booo. Also slightly concerned simply because it’s been hours w no improvement. I’m already mostly blind, I’d really prefer not to be mostly deaf too :(

At least we got to sit super close to the pilot; that was cool.

The drive to the resort was long and slow and through some areas I’m not sure I’d want to stop. But now that we’re here, it’s lovely. Not very big, but nice, gorgeous pool and lovely white sand beach.
Where we accidentally ended up having possibly the most romantic dinner ever. Fair given that technically this is our slightly-delayed honeymoon :). But yes, the restaurant we ended up in mostly cause it was the first one we found, we think reservations are required but because we were early they let us in. We had one of about 8 tables set up on the beach, waves of receding tide lapping gently, amazing food eaten by candlelight. Really was quite the experience:)

This same white sand beach is also where we bought a tour from a random dude. Assuming we didn’t just get totally ripped off, that’ll be tomorrow’s adventure :). Stone Town and Prison Island (read: history and tortoises ;). Looking forward to it!


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