Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Almost there...

I’m sitting on the last of three planes - this flight is all of about an hour, and we took a bus to get to the plane ;).   No propellers but maybe one step up?   Actually the most leg room we’ve had of any flight...  Also the only flight w a screaming child.

So things I’ve learned in my travels.  First and most brilliant - the horseshoe shaped travel pillows?  You know the ones...  W the head rest behind me it pushed me uncomfortably forward.  Booo.   But then I clued in - turn it around...  lol you might look slightly ridiculous but honestly - enough hours into a flight you really stop caring.  And for me enough is pretty much as soon as I sit down ;).  Not only does this still offer the desired side support but on top of that it feels kinda like your snuggling with blankets tucked up to your chin (at least mine did w a comfy cover in it).  AND it gives a handy chin rest so when you do eventually manage to fall asleep in some incredibly cramped economy position, your chin doesn’t drop down and wake you back up.   Seriously.  All round win.

Flying over the wing sucks.  Can’t see anything but said wing.  Fail.

Serious win - the app “Lounge Buddy”.  We knew we had a 10h layover in Nairobi, so we wanted to upgrade to lounge access.  This let us do it ahead of time - but even more important, it let us know said lounge existed!  Cause I tell ya, it was an adventure finding it and no way we would’ve stumbled upon it or wandered that far randomly looking.   And the Nairobi airport is not one you want to spend any amount of time in without the lounge.  Technically we only had access for 3.5h, but we stayed all night and nobody was the least concerned.  It also had AC which the rest of the airport didn’t seem to. Win.

Air France has one of the more entertaining safety videos I’ve ever seen.  Lol so random, but to their credit - it kept our attention.

Kenya Airways slogan is “the pride of Africa” - that amused me more than it should :). Also, the murals on the windows in the airport were amazing.  Esp as I woke up to see a zebra looking at me that I didn’t know was there when I lay down in the dark ;)

I’ve been amusing myself by smiling at random people who are clearly stressed out by travelling - it’s amazing how many relax and smile back.   I’m considering this my good deed for humanity ;-P
In Nairobi I had the worst headache - undoubtedly due to a wonderful combo dehydration and lack of sleep.  Went looking for Tylenol or some variety.  Guy in the airport shop:  “Headache?  Take some from the red box”.  They sell them one bubble sheet at a time. Hmmm a little dodgy but at least the packaging was in English.  Whatever they were, they worked.  Also put me to sleep which prob helped too ;)

Plane’s taking off now - will post when I find wifi.  Our rather dubious instructions when we land involve finding the guy w our names on a sign...  hmmmm wish us luck :)

Kilimanjaro from the plane


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