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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Happy bunny day :)

Lexi's growing again!  Sheesh.  Not exactly what I needed but sobeit.  Otherwise, things are going well with her -- I'm enjoying riding again.  Esp now that we can be outside!  Mostly ;)

For my readers who check in mostly for horse stuff -- consider yourself forewarned.  I'm sorry, but that's it.

Cause yeah, for some reason far more on my mind these days is wedding stuff.   Wow.  I'ts a little insane.  I can't believe how often I'm surprised by pieces of it.  Am so glad we're going away.  That was definitely an awesome life choice.

First surprise -- two weeks to get my ring resized.  Nooooo!  For the men out there who don't comprehend the horror of this situation -- picture being given the best new toy/game/tool/car you can imagine.  Now telling everybody you have it, and having every single one of them want to see it.  And then not being able to use -- or even see! -- it for two weeks.  Yeah.  Times ten ;)   But then the mother of one of my students, who happens to own Avalon Jewelry, said they could get it done for me by Saturday if I brought it in by Tuesday.  Done.  Woohoo!   And I'll tell ya -- Saturday, despite how tight timing was that day between work and meeting w/ the travel agent, we still detoured so I could get my ring back ;)

Yes - travel agent.  I've never really worked with one before -- I usually just google and go.  But Chris and I figured for the wedding it would make sense to work with somebody who does this for a living.  First challenge -- find one!  There are *tons* of travel agents, how do you pick?  Well we wanted somebody we could meet face to face, which narrowed the selection dramatically.   Also wanted somebody with a reasonable amount of experience who was familiar with Costa Rica.   Yup - if you haven't caught that little detail yet, we're getting married in Costa Rica.  But neither Chris nor I have ever been there before.  No worries -- Google did its thing and soon enough we had an Oakville-based agent who specializes in Costa Rica and Jamaica.  Sweet.  We exchanged some emails and we arranged to meet on Saturday after I finished teaching.  After meeting her I was super excited and impressed.  She knew her stuff asked intelligent questions and was able to answer the questions Chris and I had.  I compared online prices with those she got for us and hers were significantly reduced.  So pretty happy all around :)

So all good right?   Getting married on the beach -- show up and go.

If only...

"What are your colours?"

"Do you have your dress yet?"

"What are you wearing to the rehersal dinner?"

I...  Wait, what???  Right, not even going to address the last one ;)

Yup all of those are questions I've heard in the last week.  The first I only just stopped myself from rolling my eyes. Colours?  Really?  But soon enough in random conversation with Chris I realized we actually did have colours based on what he wants to wear.  Imagine that :)    Ahead of the game really!

A dress?  I only just got a ring!  hahaha oh dear.  But I get that -- apparently it takes months to order a dress.  So I'll have to suck it up and go dress shopping sooner than later.  Will be an interesting scheduling challenge as both my mum and C's want to be there.  Oh dear.  And, well, I need Steph there because I'm not allowed to make clothing choices on my own.   For now though, Emily's narrowing them down for me online ;)

Invitations are almost ready to go.  Mostly just waiting for confirmation that we have the date and time we want.  But design etc all done.  Was astounded at the online options.  10,000 + results for beach wedding invites.  It's enough to make you close the computer and find something else to do ;)

But inviting people is one of the things I've been pleasantly surprised about.  Everybody seems super excited to come -- whether for the wedding or for the location ;)   It seems Costa Rica is on a lot of people's lists :)  Sweet!

Reactions have also been a lot of fun.  Seeing how excited people are makes it even more exciting for me.  I'm continually surprised by it, but it's all good :)  And  yes, I'm *still* grinning.  Starting to feel a little ridiculous about it, but hey - it's a once in a lifetime thing :)

Lots more coming, but it's sunny out so I'm off.  Cheers!


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