Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Welcome to Bailey :)

I am writing a Cuba post -- really I am!   But it's not working out the way I'd like -- mostly because, well, it's -20 outside and somehow the beach seems very far away at the moment.
I only *wish* I was exaggerating...
Right.  Remember March Break the year-before-last?  It was 20 deg and sunny.   That's +20 people.  We were riding outside in t-shirts.  I'd like that back now.  Trying to plan show season and clinics is challenging when you don't even want to go outside.

Planning the next trip, however?  That part's easy ;)  Ambitious, but easy *g*

It helps offset the job hunting, which is frustrating at best.  Finding lots that would be suitable -- even in the area I'd like to be, but feel like I'm merely sending resumes into a black hole *sigh*  Ah well, I'm sure something will appear.  It always does :)   And in the meantime, I'm at least getting some editing done.

And the gym.  Ah, the gym.  The biggest change from working at the barn?  Arm strength.  Which makes perfect logical sense, but somehow didn't think of it.  Legs and abs are good from riding, but really, what do you use arms for if you're not mucking stalls and hauling water buckets?  Typing just doesn't require much skill.

Starting swimming lessons next week.  A sentence I never thought I'd say after the age of about 12 *g*   But while I can stay afloat well enough and generally get from point A to point B, I do not swim well at all.   Pathetically poorly really.  Definitely time to fix that :)   You know, in preparation for the next beach vacation ;)

And for the cuteness factor of the day, Mum's new puppy, Bailey:

Super happy Bailey and Sasha get along brilliantly.  Bailey and Sherlock?  Not quite so well >;-P   Bailey bounces when she runs -- I get that that's a puppy thing, but it doesn't make it any less cute.  She's also both brave and smart enough that she should pose an entertaining challenge ;)  Super cool dog.


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