Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I was in the middle before I knew that I'd begun...

Crazy long day and slightly exhausted but not the least bit tired?   Are you new?  If so, consider yourself forewarned -- that's a wicked combination.  This morning seems a very long time ago.  And honestly, nothing interesting happened.

Let's see...

Well just left that on that phrase and spent an couple *hours* watching Lizzie Bennett.  Had a good laugh at her talking to "imaginary Charlotte".  I think I need "imaginary Jen" ;)   Hahaha - was totally addicted to this series and then my world blew up and it kind of got forgotten, but today it was remembered.  For anybody who needs a new fun time waster, you're welcome:

Wow -- looked at that one having just finished episode 100.  What a change.  So sad there are no more :(   Now what? ;)     Lots of good one liners -- that's probably why I was so addicted.   Was silly for the first ummm 85 or so and then quickly became remarkably darker.   Far more so than I remember the book being, but maybe just because it's updated to current times. Today's line was about close friends/family when something goes wrong:  "It's not about doing anything; it's just about being here."   Just struck me somehow as being very accurate.  And sometimes the hardest thing to do when you really want to help.  Or, for that matter, the thing you need most...  That's what Sasha's for :)

Said super puppy is sleeping at my feet while I type.  She does that a whole lot more since Bailey's been around.  Apparently puppy sitting is exhausting :)   Really want to get Sasha back in agility and give her something fun to do.  And me, tbh.  I need a new hobby till either the weather gets better or I get employed *g*  Really hard to plan anything though not knowing if/when I'll be working.  Puppy class I'd sign up for is Thurs afternoons, but as soon as I'm employed that won't be an option...
Sleepy Sasha
In the interim though -- trying to get all those things done that I wanted to do "when I had more time". hahaha -- or, more accurately, that I felt I *should* do when I had more time, since I tend to fit in the things I really want *g*   Things that should get done: paperwork, cleaning, editing, wading through boxes in the basement...  Things that are *actually* getting done: riding my horse, playing with my dog, catching up with friends, relaxing at C's (which effectively eliminates *everything* in the should category in one move), reading, going to the gym -- okay that last one is usually in the should category, but it's good stress relief and makes me feel better, so for now... ;)

AND I had my first swimming lesson ;)  hahaha yeah, random eh?   Partially inspired by hopes of future beach trips and partially by being somewhat appalled how incapable I currently am trying to make it from Point A to Point B effectively in the water.   It. Was. Brutal.   Seriously.   Half-hour lesson had me more physically exhausted than two hours in the gym would've.  Coach was good -- tough, but effective ;)   Only four people in the class, so lots of attention.  Two are really strong, one less so.  All very welcoming. Good environment.  But yeah, crashed pretty hard after.  No lessons this week for March Break, so we'll see next week. Avoiding the gym mostly too since it's all chaos.

Having lots of fun with Lexi.   Sadly she seems to have forgotten where her legs are in the few months off, but she's remembering quickly :)   Lunging today involved the barrels.  oohhhhh, awwwww....  hahaha but absolutely no drama whatsoever.  Those who remember the first effort will understand *g*  Fairly impressed about that.  And amazing form.  So once again, have hope for the future *g*   Would love to free jump her again, but setup not ideal for that.  Ah well.   Just have to wait till she's confident enough to play that game with a rider :)   Signed up for a clinic end of April -- so have to keep being productive now ;)  Looking forward to riding tomorrow.  It sounds like I might even have a babysitter, so that should make the barrels a complete non-issue.  Should.  Theoretically.


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