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Yeah for passing EC Rider Exams!

HUGE congrats to both Rebecca and Amy for passing their rider exams (5 and 6 respectively) today.

Both girls aced their written and stable management portions.

Amy had a bit of show-nerves and so didn't have her *best* ride ever.  The warm-up that we saw from the viewing lounge was looking good, but once we got in the ring it disintegrated a little.  Fortunately though even with less-than-perfect performance she was still at the level required and pulled off the pass!  Woohoo.  Her knowledge of how it *should* work and ability to evaluate also helped significantly.

Rebecca, otoh, put in one of the best rides I've ever seen her have.  Very impressive to watch :)   Woohoo!  Show season should be lots of fun :)

Awesome job girls!  Congrats!


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