Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Ummmm about that whole write what you know thing? Uh oh....

So, in what I'd usually consider exceptionally lucky, I've had basically the opposite of writers block the last few days.  To the tune of 20,000 words in five days -- in my "free" time at that.  All good, right?  The only thing is, my mc is very definitely a sociopath and I'm fairly disturbed by the various murder, rape, and mayham going on in her little world.  I'm finding myself in the odd position of writing a book I'm pretty sure I'd never want to read.  But writing the characters gets them out of my head, so that alone makes it worth doing.  Cause let me tell you, mucking stalls leaves lots of time for your mind to wander *g*  Ah well - much as I'm rather horrified that this particular story is coming from my little brain, the writing is *good*.  hahaha and I'm pretty excited about that.  Pluses and minuses eh?

Having fun googling random things that I've never considered before.  For instance, what is the going rate for a hit man?  How does snake venom work?  Can airborn poisons be short-lived? hahaha they say you learn something every day, but somehow my education has missed these steps in the past *g*  Which, btw, if anybody around is an expert in snake behaviour - I'd love ten minutes of your time that'd prob save me several hours of googling :)  The killer aspects I've got, but some of the behavioural parts are a little iffy at the moment.

The riding, otoh.  Frig.  The other day had Rebecca ride Bella over those silly hay bales probably 50 times (to put this in perspective, half the time Bella walked over them; it wasn't a stressful exercise) before getting Lexi anywhere close.  And I was on the ground at the time -- this wasn't even mounted.  She managed to jump on a wicked angle a few times before we called it a day, but it took a crazy amount of drama to get there.  It doesn't help that her first reaction is *always* to break my only *real* rule -- namely do NOT run Lauren over.  Ah teenagers.  She's questioning all sorts of things, but starting to answer more consistently in the way I'd like her to.  Man does she ever have some impressive athleticism though.  Some day she's going to be a ton of fun :)

Competitor's meeting coming up on Sunday, so I've been sorting through all the details of show season.  It's going to be a fun summer.  Ridiculously busy on my part, but fun :)


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