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Gymkhana Fun :)

Our Christmas Gymkhana was So. Much. Fun!   I'm sooo excited by how it went :)   We had an excellent turnout and, judging by the photos, everybody had a ton of fun playing games.  The food was incredibly yummy - and even better having leftovers today!  Although for some reason all the Rolo squares were gone :(  Very sad about that.

We collected some great gifts for Christmas Wish!  I'll leave the gift collection basket there till next weekend if anybody still has anything to add to it, feel free :)

So we started out our day by tacking up and warming up most of the schoolies.  We had Athena, Nick, Louis, Bella, Charlie, Jack, Lissy, and Dixie all in the ring at once!  hahaha and while you might expect that to cause chaos, it actually went really well :)

Once everybody was all warmed up we divided the group into two teams of four for the candy-cane relay.  Player one weaves a giant candy-cane to one end of the ring and hangs it on a standard, player two weaves down and gets it back, etc etc.  Winning team is the one that gets all four riders there and back fastest :)  We stacked the teams so each team had an equal number of novice riders and more experienced riders as well as fast horses and slow horses.  It worked out well and was lots of fun.  Then we did a rider switch and did a round or two with experienced riders only -- this let some of the riders who were not playing the first round   play and those who wanted to could go a little faster.  Lots of fun had by all there!

Then we played garland pairs -- riders paired off and each side held one end of a 4' garland.  The goal?  Survive a command class without dropping or breaking the garland.  This one was so much fun to watch -- and judging by the laughter a whole lot of fun to ride too :)

I had three or four other games lined up, but by then it was lunch time!  hahaha next time I think we'll do fewer rounds of each game and add some more variety :)   But I think there definitely should be a next time!  So much fun.  And the aforementioned lunch...   Yummy!   I'm kinda loving GRS potlucks -- they always seem to include incredible food!

Next GRS activity?  Adult Christmas camp!  Still have one or two spaces open -- if you're interested, lmk!


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