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Adult Camp Day 2

So everybody was significantly better prepared for the weather today.  Woohoo!  And despite the snowstorm, everybody made it :)

We started with dressage again.  Two sets of semi-privates with Brena and Amy riding first and Mieke and Carolyn forming the next pair.  Both pairs got sucked into the dressage vortex.  That is to say, the endless 20m circle!  hahaha the goal was to apply yesterday's seat work to achieve some sort of connection.  All riders felt fine after yesterday's activities; until they got on!  There were a reasonable number of fitness related comments as they tried to use the muscles they found yesterday!  hahaha but they gave it a solid effort anyways to some awesome results!  We saw some absolutely brilliant moments.  Jack was just floating around the ring!  And of course there was the odd moment of "why doesn't this work?  I could do it yesterday!" when they're trying too hard. We've all been there!  In general though, there were some pretty excellent results.
Brena and Bella
Then it was right into the jumping!   Rebecca, Brena and Amy warmed up while I set up our pole course.  The focus today was on accuracy -- no height at all, but I wanted a perfect course.  Accurate lines, the correct number of strides, counting down to each pole, steady rhythm all the way around, no problem.  hahaha none of these girls are new here -- they knew fully well that if it was apparently low and simple, it wouldn't be *g*   And sure enough, it took a few tries, but in the end it all came together.

Then it was Mieke and Carolyn's turn.  I was impressed that they'd been paying active attention to the group before and had the course down when we were ready to start.  Woohoo!  Carolyn really got Nick going well, flying changes and all!  hahaha so that was fun to watch :)  And Mieke brought the afternoon to a fabulous conclusion by putting in an absolutely beautiful round on Dixie.  Wow.

And tomorrow it all gets put together with dressage tests and jump courses :)


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