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Thanksgiving adventures :)

So Thanksgiving this year was so much fun :)

First off -- HUGE thanks to Kennedy, Katlyn, Rebecca, Brena and Amy who covered for me so I could disappear for a couple days!   Greatly appreciated :)

My thought was to feed and turnout the horses, get home and run some errands and leave around noonish.   Right.   Let's revisit that shall we?   By the time I was done at the barn (since it's never *just* feed and turnout -- esp when I'm going away for almost 3 days!).  So I got home around 11:30.  hmmmm oops.  Then both the second and third errand took significantly longer than anticipated.  They got done, just not quickly *sigh*.  And about that point as it was getting close to 3:30 I deemed the rest of the list could be ignored and hopped in the car.

Got there just in time for thanksgiving dinner!  Woohoo!  Soooo good :)

So the next day was pretty much just relaxing.  Soooo nice.  Spent most of the day on the couch with a book -- broken up with the occasional frisbee game with Sasha and riding a dirt bike for the first time -- but mostly relaxing.

What was that?  Oh the frisbee -- yeah, Sasha's favourite game.  She was so well behaved at the cottage.  Had a ton of fun playing with the boys :)  And remember her manners well enough that with a dozen people in a tiny cottage she wasn't a problem.  I was pretty happy with her.

Hmmmm?  Oh - the dirt bike.  Ummm yeah -- it doesn't interpret my aids quite as well as my horse does *g*  hahaha actually it was So. Much. Fun!  I had such a HUGE little-kid grin on my face :)   So it turns out, that when you crash a bike it's very much like when you crash your horse -- time slows down.  What's going through my head as I'm heading straight towards a tree on my first *ever* attempt on a bike is "if I fall with my legs out to the side like this, I'll break a leg".   Nothing useful like maybe - hit the breaks :)  *sigh*   Oh no, just how to fix it so that when I fall I won't get tooooo hurt.  Sheesh.   Fortunately while I couldn't for the life of me find the breaks, I *did* know where the clutch was.  hahaha AND had enough presence of mind to engage it so that said bike was instantly in neutral.  Didn't slow down very fast, but at least it stopped the accelleration *g*  Oh dear.   I *did* in-fact manage to get stopped a good 6" from the tree >;-P  hahaha but I think that was sheer beginner's luck.

The second try (yes there was a second try - you're not new here) - was significantly better.  hahaha and so very much fun.  Got going and didn't realize till after that my cousin was following along behind just in case I needed rescue :)   And just as I was debating a switch to second gear, I realized I was running out of driveway!  Booo.  So I stopped instead :(   So sad.  And it *almost* worked -- I aimed for neutral and promptly stalled it instead.  *sigh*  Ah well - I stopped where I intended to stop and under control, it just wasn't as graceful as I would've liked.  hahaha Daniel got the bike turned around and started again for me and I drove it back :)   This time I'd been warned about neutral being a challenge and just went for off when I got there.  But omg so much fun.  Grinning just remembering it now.

So yeah - something entertaining always happens at Thanksgiving :)   The rest of the weekend was a pretty traditional cottage weekend and as always, I really enjoyed it.  Hope yours was as much fun!


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