Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

So what did you do today?

Wow today was...  An entertaining scheduling nightmare really...  hahaha

Ok so original plan:
- 10am off-site lesson
- 12:15 working student lesson
- 1 private
- 1:45 beginner private
- 2:45 assessment

All good right?

Next somebody called for a tour, interested in boarding.   Alright, get them to come right before w/s lesson at noon.

Then I had somebody coming who wants to be a w/s.  hmmm ok, well I can make it early from the off-site lesson, so she can ride at 11:30.  Np.

Then another assessment signed up, so without looking at my calendar I considered my usual Sunday schedule and put them at 3.  And an intermediate student wanted a private so I put her in at 4.

Ok does anybody else notice a 2:45 assessment and a 3:00 assessment?   Tricky.  Very tricky.   But I actually decided that with a little help from my awesome working student Brena, I could pull it off.   Just have her give a tour and fill out paperwork and at 3:15 they can ride the same horse as the first rider.  No worries.

Then through a whole variety of reasons, my off-site lesson changed from an hour to an hour and a half.  Very tricky as that now means I have to leave there at 11:30 and be at my barn at 11:30 -- with no time inbetween.  But I really like those people so...

Then my 1 and 1:45 (who come together) had to cancel due to illness, so I promptly rescheduled the 4 for 1 and the 3 for 2.  Woohoo!   And since I have such awesome students, they were all good with this.

Ok so now the only issue is getting from off-site to home with enough time to teach the new w/s AND give a tour at noon.  So I was *really* ok with it when Rebecca told me tentative w/s didn't show up.  hahaha classic eh?  No email or phone but, it saves me half an hour.   Which promptly put me back on schedule.

Sweet.  Then I get to the barn and check my messages and unfortunately potential boarder isn't well, so that'll be rescheduled as well.  And suddenly I'm at the barn *early* with time to relax between lessons.  Wow.

W/s lesson was fun as always and the 4 private which got bumped up to 1 went really well too.  The 2 lesson appeared just as I was finishing with 4 -- almost perfect timing.  When I finished with them no sign of the 2:45.   Open arena so I let Brena get in some extra riding (working student perk :) and found a message that they're half-hour late.  No problem.

They got there just as Brena finished.  Horse was warmed up and good to go for the new student.  And all was well with the world.

But from an easy day to an almost impossible day and back to a fairly simple day again, all within a few hours.  hahaha.  Just one of those days I guess :)

And my goal of being in bed by 10pm to catch up on some sleep?   Yeah - you can stop laughing now.  Sheesh.


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