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Critter Tales

I was somewhat amused watching the cats at breakfast today.   My cat Sherlock is, and always has been, the boss.   When I lived in Brampton, Red came to live with us.  He learned to sneak a paw into Sherlock's food and take a mouthful at a time -- and Sherlock seems ok with this.  Fast forward a few years and introduce Rusty, who is potentially the stupidest cat I've ever seen.   I feed Rusty separately because otherwise he won't get any food, but sometimes he's too stupid to find his own bowl.   Today though he got ambitious and thought he'd try Red's trick.  Only instead of stealing a mouthful of Sherlock's food with his paw, he dragged the whole bowl away.

I wish I'd had it on video. Sherlock gave him a stunned look that clearly suggested he couldn't believe what Rusty had just done, then folded his paw the same way, swatted him across the head with it, took his bowl back, and resumed eating.  All in one totally smooth and quiet move.

Poor Rusty just sat watching Sherlock eat like he couldn't quite figure out what had gone wrong until I eventually took pity on him and redirected him to his own bowl.   Was pretty funny though.

And Sasha the super-puppy who passed grade two with flying colours last week went to agility fun day today.  OMG So. Much. Fun.  hahaha  We got in trouble a couple times for making things more interesting than they were actually supposed to be, but she was too good at the basic stuff.   Had it down solid.  And fast.  hahaha she starts actual agility classes in Aug - can't wait!


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