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Cheer on our show team at Foxcroft CT this Sunday!

Come out this Sunday to support our riders competing in the combined test at Foxcroft (directions below).   A CT involves show jumping and dressage -- the winner has the best overall score.  This'll be the first show of the season for all our girls, and the first off-property show ever for most of them!

Riders -- you can come up after 3:00 on Saturday to clean your tack, your horse, braid and pack.  The horse should be braided but please do not bobble the braids till am and do not braid the forelock till am.   Tack should be spotless.

We will be loading at 6:30 am.  You must arrive early enough to:
- get your horse from the field
- feed your horse (the grain will be in a bucket with their name on it in the feed room)
- leave your horse alone to eat; pack your gear, fill a haynet, fill a water jug (this is easiest done using the hose near Apollo's stall -- then you don't have to carry the full jug very far!)
- when done eating, repair any braids that didn't survive the night, bobble, braid the forelock, groom, put shipping boots on, and return your horse to his stall.
- we'll load at or just before 6:30

Note that since I have yet to master the "being in two places at once" thing, Steph is going to come help out again!  Yeah Stephy!  Particularly she'll be helping the first two PE riders get ready for dressage while I'm warming up the novice riders for jumping.

Ride times are as follows:

8:42 Caelan - Dressage
9:18 Olivia - Dressage

10:02 Caelan - Stadium
10:03 Chelsea - Dressage
10:09 Emily - Dressage
10:14 Olivia - Stadium
10:45 Rowan - Dressage

11:04 Chelsea - Stadium
11:06 Emily - Stadium
11:18 Rowan - Stadium

Note the stadium times might be a little off as they have a jump w/u at this show that doesn't exist at any other CT/HT so I'm not entirely certain how to calculate that.   But they won't be any *earlier* than listed!


From 403: Go north on Hwy 6 for 10 km.  Turn right (east) on Flamborough Concession 7 East.  Foxcroft is 0.5 km on the right hand side.

From 401: Go south on Hwy 6 for 18 km.  Turn left (east) on Flamborough Concession 7 East.  Foxcroft is 0.5 km on the right hand side.


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