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Woohoo! GRS Riders Ace their Exams!

HUGE congrats to all the girls who passed their Equine Canada Rider level exams today!

So today was awesome.   Started with Rebecca's lesson where she rode like a pro, mastering Louis' tricky canter AND jumping well all in one day!

Then on to the exams which were brilliant!

Rebecca passed her level 1 with flying colours :)
Eve, Kassidy, Olivia and Tonya all earned their level 2.
Brena, Caelan, Chelsea, Emily, and Olivia all rode brilliantly for their level 4.

Woohoo!  Awesome job girls.

Huge thanks to my mum for invigilating the written tests and to Kirby for being my assistant and ring crew and to Paula and Rebecca for being ring crew!

After the exam Paula, Brena, Rebecca and I went hacking.  Was *amazing*!  That is, until Louis decided it was time to go back home.  Now.   Turns out Louis' quite fast when he wants to be *sigh*   And Rebecca, who's just starting to master the canter, skipped about a year of xc training and went straight to learning to gallop.  A little more exciting than we would've wished :(

But the *rest* of the hack afterwards was pleasantly uneventful and then we had a good social time just hanging out with our horses grazing in the sunlight and my puppy gambolling around.  No better way to spend the day really :)


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