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EC Rider Level Exam Schedule

It's that time of year again!  This spring we have ten students working their way through the Equine Canada Rider Level program.  Woohoo!  This Sunday, after months of theory and riding practice, is the exam -- I'd say wish them luck, but knowing all these riders, I can tell you they don't need it.

For the riders:


$40+hst to Graduate Riding School
$20+hst to Ontario Equestrian Federation

You must also be a member of the OEF ( - if you are not, you can sign up online or print a membership form and bring it with payment to the exam to be submitted with the exam.  You will need your number for the exam paperwork.


Exams will start at 10:30am on Sunday; please be there by 10:15 to fill in papers.  The schedule after that is a rough estimate -- candidates can take as long as they need in any one phase, so sometimes things run longer and sometimes they're over super-fast :)   Bringing lunch (or at least snacks) would be a good idea!

For those doing their rider 4, your horse is to be properly turned out.  If you wish to come out on Saturday afternoon to prep (pull mane, trim relevant parts, etc) you may come anytime between 2 and 4.  You should also come early enough on Sunday to groom before the exam starts.

Approximate Schedule:

- Rider 1 and 2 written
- Rider 4 stable management

- Rider 1 and 2 stable management
- Rider 4 written

- Rider 1 followed by Rider 2 ride

- Rider 4 ride
Flat test followed by jumping

Candidate Horse List:

Rider 1: 
- Rebecca on Nick

Rider 2:
- Tonya on Nick
- Eve on Lissy
- Olivia on Apollo
- Kassidy on Bella

Rider 4:
- Olivia on Dixie
- Caelan on Nick
- Brena on Bella
- Emily on Louis
- Chelsea on Lissy

If you expect to be on the list and are not -- don't panic!  Just send me a note and I'll fit you in :)


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