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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Leap and the net will appear -- John Burroughs

So my mum sent me this quote that for some reason apparently made her think of me...

Leap, and the net will appear. -- John Burroughs

Can't imagine why :) I certainly haven't been guilty of that. Let's see... Some random conversations that might've led to that thought:

"I think I want to go to school in New Brunswick..." Why? "They have what I want to take." So does Guelph "Yeah but I want to see another part of the country." For 5 years.
Followed two years later by
"I'm going to school in Australia..." How? "Don't know, but I'm going next winter."
"I'm going to Scotland. Next week." Do you have a passport? "No, but I can get one" <-- -="" always="" br="" but="" can="" date="" easily="" frantic="" hahaha="" is="" it="" not="" now="" occur="" opportunities="" passport="" quite="" random="" s="" so="" these="" to="" up="" when="" yes="">"I'm going to travel around Europe." You don't have any money. "That's ok." Where are you going? "Don't know. I figured I'd fly to Paris and catch a train from there."
"I'm bored so I'm going to grad school."
"I'm moving to Vermont to be a working student for Denny Emerson." When? "Next week." What about your job? "I can work from there." Will they let you? "I'm sure I can convince them."
"I'm going to write a novel in a month."
"I'm going to run 5k" . . . Then fast-forward a couple years and with equally no training change it to 15k.
"I'm going to start a riding school..." hahahaha

I'm sure there have been other moments that have raised a few eyebrows... But as my sidebar says -- you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps :) Life would be boring if you did things the expected way :)

In other news... Lollipop show today. *Bling* lollipop show at that. Oh my. Story up on GRS blog in the near future :)


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