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Anybody got a lollipop?

So we ventured to the Lollipop show today. That in itself is an adventure. Best described by Dominic who referred to it as "t-ball for riding". As one who vividly recalls being subjected to many of my siblings' t-ball games, I have to agree. For better or for worse -- both the excitement and the energy and the enthusiasm coupled with the carefully controlled chaos and occasionally running the wrong way to base.

BUT it was made far more ummmm interest is that, much to my dismay, it was *also* "bling" day. Oh my *sigh*.

A friend of mine who's as un-blingy as I am and also ended up going challenged us to a bling war. And the girls, I think as much to see the look of utter horror on my face as because they really wanted to took this to heart.

Bella was blinged out to the extreme. She had sparkles on her hooves, fake rhinestones (yes I realize that's redundant, but also strangely appropriate in this case) glued to her hind quarters, all sorts of stuff on her brow band, a blinged-out fly bonnet in GRS colours (thanks to Kath! :), purple ribbons in her mane, jewels on her face... Oh my. And the girls? Purple sparkles and matching outfits all the way. Oh my.

Nick looked like a properly turned out hunter when I left them at the trailer to go help Paige with Bella's first round. When I returned he had feathers all in his mane, sparkly hooves, a green sparkly N on one side and a green sparkly CAT on the other. Really?!?!?! And Apollo had a blue sparkly N and a mane full of gold!

It was so horrifically appalling that eventually you can't do anything but shake your head and try to distance yourself. Next year though, I think we'll try to avoid bling day. hahaha

As for the actual riding? Well that was secondary. I didn't get to see much of it since I was BLINDED by the bling! >;-P

But I heard a rumour that Paige on Bella took FIRST in her first "real" judged class: walk/trot equitation. Awesome job kiddo!

After spending several months working diligently on her eq, Hailey started out the day brilliantly taking second in a huge eq over fences class. Awesome job kiddo! She then moved to the jumper ring and took 4th in the medal class (Bella was a *little* high for the flat portion :) Unfortunately the jumper round that caused so many riders grief (put it this way -- they only placed ribbons to second :) also got her and Bella. Booo. But now that's over with for the season -- we'll school some off-property stadium and the pair will be good to go for the next horse trial :)

Meanwhile in the gymkhana ring Caelan and Pocahontas (ummm traditionally known as Nick -- but another coach I know called him that thanks to the coloured flowers and war paint and it made me laugh :) anyways the pair did a great job in all four classes. It was Caelan's first off-property show and she did an excellent job. Stayed calm and thought through everything and rode *really* well. She even managed to get the tricky left lead! Sweet. Sadly, the judge was looking the other way at the time >;-P hahaha that's why I like dressage - for better or worse, you're the *only* one in the ring being judged! I was totally impressed by her though -- awesome control (or non-existence :) of show nerves!

In the same ring was Kennedy with Apollo. I *love* watching this pair together. One of the very few circumstances where green on green somehow brings home red. hahaha Or I think technically white today, but you get the point :) She's ridden Apollo pretty consistently all winter and he adores her. She and Amy (his other kid) between them pretty much taught him to canter and jump, and this summer Kennedy's consistently introduced him to new things. So much so that today he jumped everything honestly on the FIRST try. He wasn't always sure, but when she said go, he thought about it and "if you *really* want me to..." and by the end was even cantering fences! Very VERY kewl.

And you know what else was kewl? Our amazing support team! All the riders had parents and sibs -- and most of the moms were involved in the blinging as well :) Aileen, Emily and Shauna all came out and were hugely helpful with grooming, horse holding, photographing, organizing, cheering, and generally doing anything that needs to be done to make life easier! Thanks sooooo much to all :)


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