Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Brief Announcements

1st announcement - no lessons this Fri eve (April 15th). Sorry for the short notice. If you usually ride on Fri you're more than welcome to come do a practice ride. Lessons will be rescheduled to the weekend. If you can't make your group's rescheduled time, we'll do a different m/u lesson for you. Just let me know!

2nd announcement - came across this interesting blog from h/j world: The 7 Strategies for Keeping Your Cool had me snorting at the screen. And the author's bio sounds disturbingly familiar *g* There also seem to be many useful articles too, but those ones entertained me :) Enjoy. Thanks to Diane for that one :)

3rd announcement - have stories from today's riding but sadly no time to type right now. Maybe tomorrow? More likely Sat. If I still care about them then *g* Short version: Sienna - a dork in the ring and a star in the field. Jack - a star in the ring and a dork in the field. All we need to do is combine those two horses and we'll have an unbeatable superstar! Or, I suppose, a disastrous mistake >;-P


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