Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


So today was just one of those days that leaves you smiling.

It was cold this am, so I was a little bitter as I was turning out, but by the time I fed and had Sienna tacked up and was heading to the ring, I randomly decided that 3 deg C was more than warm enough to ride outside. Outdoor footing was about perfect and the bitterly cold wind had disappeared so why not? Now an intelligent person might mention that yesterday was the first time in several weeks I'd ridden her (I'm determined to get her back on the schedule :) and that she hadn't been ridden outside yet. And that she might be a *little* high. But sadly we didn't have such a person around. I did lunge her first - I was at least pretending to be responsible! And she was good with it so I hopped on and had an absolutely superstar ride. I was soooo happy by the end :)

So I take her in to untack and who should come through the other door at the same time? Kerri and Laney! Who I haven't seen in *months*. Made. My. Morning. So they kept me company through morning chores. So much more fun that way :)

Then this afternoon's lesson braved the cold as well to ride outside - more fun teaching out there too :) And the cat came to supervise, which is always somewhat amusing.

Rest of the horses were well behaved. I even managed to leave less than an hour after I had aimed for :) Such a fun day. The type that makes me really happy I made the decision I did. And since my super-star working student Hailey is doing night check for me tonight, I'm totally planning to completely and entirely take the night off. Finish some emails, return a couple phone calls, and I should be done by 6:00 :) A new record!


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