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New games to play :)

From GRS Blog.

So I have a new favourite coaching book :) Celebrity Jumping Exercises (I know, what an awful title eh?) While I've seen most (not all but most - one I hadn't seen I'm quite looking forward to trying :) of these exercises before, this book adds a theory element which, as one who always needs to know why and how, I really appreciate. For each contributor there's a page about their coaching philosophy and then the recommended exercise with usually a few variations. I'm finding the "theory" pages in some ways far more interesting and valuable than the exercises themselves. Which I know is not the intent and wouldn't be the case for many, but really there are lots of books of jumping exercises out there (I have a shelf full!) and some of them are excellent. What makes this one different is getting a little background from each of the contributors. There is also a space for who listing who *shouldn't* be attempting the exercise, which I think is a wise addition. I picked it up because I'm going to be attending a clinic with one of the contributors and wanted to get an idea of what the focus of the clinic is likely to be. I'm pretty excited about it now :) hahaha So enjoy!

Great ride today. I was super tired and really had very little interest in working *g* Warmed up, jumped her around a little. She was relaxed but focused and willing. Randomly trotted her over the castle (the new and exciting jump -- actually *really* like this one :) and my pony who had a complete meltdown a few weeks ago at those silly purple boxes, treated this like the least of speedbumps. hahaha superstar! So I was pretty excited about that.


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